Statement Necklaces

by SheKnows
Nov 27, 2012 at 2:23 p.m. ET
A beautiful Brazilian-made eye-catching necklace.

1 /9: Multicircles Crystals Necklace

1/9 :Multicircles Crystals Necklace

This beautiful red beaded necklace is available at for $398.

2 /9: Avatar Necklace

2/9 :Avatar Necklace

Originally $499, this on-sale delicate flower necklace can be found at .

3 /9: Cornucopia Necklace

3/9 :Cornucopia Necklace

This unique & colorful necklace is a perfect accessory to stand out in your collection.

4 /9: Fire Flowers

4/9 :Fire Flowers

This brightly colored necklace will make a statement in whatever room you walk into.

5 /9: Buttercup Necklace

5/9 :Buttercup Necklace

Available in multiple colors for $449, this beaded piece will take your breath away. Find it at .

6 /9: Floral Necklace

6/9 :Floral Necklace

Available for $399 at , this colorful array of flowers was hand-made in Brazil.

7 /9: Gold Ball Necklace

7/9 :Gold Ball Necklace

This array of mesh gold balls will go perfectly with your other gold jewelry.

8 /9: Flower Necklace

8/9 :Flower Necklace

This hand-made colorful necklace will match with any outfit, available at for $249.

9 /9: Circle Necklace

9/9 :Circle Necklace

Made of glass beads, this gorgeous necklace is $378 and available at .