fitness flirt looks

by SheKnows
Sep 12, 2011 at 2:18 p.m. ET
Out with the dull and in with the fab with these bright Adidas training shoes, $85

1 /19: Adidas Watch

1/19 :Adidas Watch

Monitor your time on the track with the Adidas Cambridge watch, $75.

2 /19: Asics Gel-Ipera Fitness Shoe

2/19 :Asics Gel-Ipera Fitness Shoe

Fitness doesn't need to be boring - inject some color into your routine with these bright running shoes. Available at, $70.

3 /19: Colorful Sports Bra

3/19 :Colorful Sports Bra

Need comfort and style? Select this bright blue Alexis sports bra, available at, $36.

4 /19: Reusable Water Bottle

4/19 :Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated with LifeFactory's silicone covered glass bottle, $20.

5 /19: Sports Headband

5/19 :Sports Headband

Keep your hair back with a stylish sports headband by RokBAND. Available at, $13.

6 /19: Sculpted Tank Top

6/19 :Sculpted Tank Top

Stay cool while sculpting a better you in Lucy's moisture-wicking Power Top, $35.

7 /19: Wrap Jacket

7/19 :Wrap Jacket

Keep warm this winter with Lulu Lemon's Method Wrap jacket, which also doubles as a savasana blanket, $118.

8 /19: Namaste Top

8/19 :Namaste Top

Fashionable Yogis will love this colorful Namaste top. Available at, $69.

9 /19: Tight Neon Capris

9/19 :Tight Neon Capris

Functional and fashionable, these Nike capris are perfect for runners, available at, $35.

10 /19: Nike Collegiate Shirts

10/19 :Nike Collegiate Shirts

Show your school spirit in one of Nike's collegiate shirts. Available at, $32.

11 /19: Adidas Racer Bra

11/19 :Adidas Racer Bra

Adidas' Racer Bra provides moderate support and comes in fashionable hues, available at, $32.

12 /19: Adidas by Stella McCartney Running Shorts

12/19 :Adidas by Stella McCartney Running Shorts

Merging fashion and fitness, these running shorts are lightweight and fashion forward, available at, $60.

13 /19: Asos Canvas Sports Bag

13/19 :Asos Canvas Sports Bag

Carry your gym clothes in style with this polka dot sports bag. Available at, $33.

14 /19: Puma Performance Pant

14/19 :Puma Performance Pant

Whether lounging or heading to the gym, you'll look fab in these buttercup capri pants. Available at, $45.

15 /19: Oversized Yoga top

15/19 :Oversized Yoga top

Puma's oversized yoga top is sporty chic and practical. Available at, $45.

16 /19: Oakley Gym Bag

16/19 :Oakley Gym Bag

Fashion-minded sports stars will love this feminine gym bag. Available at, $65.

17 /19: Running Skirt

17/19 :Running Skirt

Go the distance in style with this flirty running skirt. Available at, $59.

18 /19: Sporty Sunglasses

18/19 :Sporty Sunglasses

Protect your peepers with sporty sunglasses designed to stay in place. Available at, $72.

19 /19: Victoria's Secret Yoga Pants

19/19 :Victoria's Secret Yoga Pants

Victoria's Secret adds a touch of personality to the traditional yoga pant with patterns ranging from python to tie-dye, $30.