Bethenny Frankel talks mommy style and me time

The former star of The Real Housewives of New York City is now a single mom with her own Skinnygirl nutrition and spirits line and a nationally syndicated talk show airing this fall!

Bethenny Frankel's at SELF Workout in the park

We caught up with her at SELF‘s Workout in the Park to talk fashion, fitness and Fifty Shades of Grey.

SheKnows: How does being a mom influence your fashion choices?

Bethenny Frankel: When you’re out with the stroller, you can’t rock those heels and it’s very depressing, so you have to wear stylish flats and stylish boots. And you want to be comfortable. When you’re wearing jeans that have no stretch in them, it’s not fun to bend down and pick your kid up or go on the slide with her. So you need a little more comfort.

SK: What’s your favorite part about being a mom?

BF: My favorite part is the hugs and the kisses and the snuggles.

SK: What are your favorite beauty products right now?

BF: Any kind of spray toner, a sSkinnygirl on-the-go-barerum and an exfoliating scrub for the shower. Bobbi Brown has nice moisturizers; Laura Mercier has nice products. Kate Somerville has a great serum and Neutrogena has great products. I’m not a person who believes it has to be the most expensive thing. I like really hydrating eye creams.

SK: You look amazing! How did you get back in shape after having Bryn?

BF: Everything that I wrote in my book Naturally Thin works for a pregnant person, too. I didn’t go on any kind of crazy extreme diet. I just ate normally and it does come off. A lot of people get panicked and go on these crazy diets and then they end up bingeing. You have to just be relaxed. It took a lot of time to gain the weight so it takes time to lose it.

SK: What do you keep in your gym bag?

BF: I don’t really have a gym bag because I do my yoga DVD at home, but if I did have a gym bag, I’d have face wipes, because girls break out from waiting an hour to wash their face. I’d have a hair tie and my Skinnygirl Daily On The Go nutrition bars and Power Packets for my water.

SK: What do you like to do when you get some alone time?

BF: My favorite thing to do is edit my next book. That’s what I have to do during my alone time. I was reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I haven’t finished yet, but that was fun. I liked the beginning. It was a little bit of a turn on and I like the whole conversation about it.

Bethenny Frankel's mommy style

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