Christina Applegate talks mother-daughter style

Apr 25, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET

FabKids Creative Partner Christina Applegate chats with us about mother-daughter style.

Christina Applegate, FabKids shoot

As a full-time mommy to 2-year-old Sadie, Christina Applegate doesn't have a lot of time to worry about fashion, whether it be her own or her daughter's. That's why Applegate loves FabKids, a line of affordable, adorable children's outfits that come pre-packaged right to your door.

“Clothes are so expensive for kids and it's kind of ridiculous,” Applegate told SheKnows when we visited her on the set of her photo shoot with FabKids. “With this, you get a full outfit for $39.95. It's good, get dirty quality and throw it in the washer. My daughter loves the clothes.”

And it's good that they hold up well, considering Sadie is in a stage where she likes to wear the same outfit every day.

“She wants to look like one of the munchkins of the lollipop guild,” Applegate laughed. “She goes to the drawer and this is what she picks out every single day: striped leggings with the FabKids cutoff jean shorts and a bright top.”

Christina Applegate, FabKids shoot

But the actress says this is all a part of her daughter finding her own creativity.

“In the morning, when I take her out of the crib, I say, ‘go pick your clothes out,'” she told us. “It's completely her decision.”

As for her own style, Christina describes her style as, “sort of hippie chick, who loves The Clash, is a little dark and appreciates fashion.”

But Applegate says she has had to ditch a lot of “fashionable” stuff since becoming a mom.

Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate with daughter
Christina Applegate

“When you're a mother of a toddler and you do a 12-hour run with a kid, you really need to be comfortable,” she told us. “I'm usually in pajamas all day. I don't wear heels anymore, ever. I don't wear earrings anymore. I don't wear nail polish anymore because I don't want to get any toxins in her mouth. I kind of go crazy with those things.”

What does she wear? “I've been wearing my same pair of black and white, high top Converse sneakers since 2004. They're disgusting and dirty but those babies are part of my life. They go on my feet pretty much every day.”

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Christina Applegate

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