See Michelle Williams’ new punk hairstyle

Kate Young debuted her new Target collection on Tuesday night, but all anyone wanted to talk about was actress Michelle Williams’ edgy new hairstyle.

Michelle Williams

We’re a bit — OK, a lot — obsessed with Michelle Williams‘ in-between short hairstyle. It’s hard to tell whether or not the cut will work on everyone, though. We’re not really into cutting our strands unless the cut will look amazing, so we asked stylist Mischa Lisikiewicz from Sine Qua Non Salon Chicago for advice.

“Michelle’s new haircut is perfect for those with pixie cuts growing their hair out who want to change up their style. One should be comfortable in their own skin to pull this haircut off because your face will be exposed. It’s definitely a more high-maintenance look,” Lisikiewicz said.

“It works for Michelle’s texture because she blow-dries and flatirons her hair and gets a trim every five to six weeks.”

That said, it works better on certain face shapes than others.

“This cut would look best soft on a more oval, round, or heart-shaped face and on a straight to wavy texture, because those sides are going to grow very quickly and they’ll easily become unmanageable.”

“I would avoid this look if you have a strong jaw line or curly hair.”

Lisikiewicz also gave a few tips for guiding your stylist to the edgy cut of your dreams.

“If you’re ready for the commitment and want to bring this cut to your stylist, during your consultation, I would request an undercut with an exaggerated side part, and a sleek one-length look in the front (not a lot of texture to maintain girth),” she said. “This will ensure your hair will maintain its balance and versatility with your style as you’re growing it.”

Now, if only we could get Michelle’s amazing wardrobe to go with the cute cut. We can dream, right?

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