Friday’s Fashion Fails: Mischa Barton and Kylie Jenner

Oops… even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We’re telling you why Mischa Barton and Kylie Jenner’s fashions fell short in our weekly feature. Learn from the stars’ sartorial slip ups!

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

Poor Mischa Barton. Remember when she was the “it” girl on The OC? Now she’s stuck starring in movies with Tara Reid. Here’s what Mischa wore to the LA premiere of her aptly titled new movie The Resurrection. Where do we start with this LBD gone bad?

Check out the cobweb-esque design on the front of it… we love dresses with pretty details added, but this spidery add-on isn’t very pretty and looks like she’s headed to a Halloween party. The cut and the fit of this frock is so not flattering. The baggy material and draped neckline add bulk to Mischa’s frame. There’s also an odd belt buckle on the front of this… why?

The final verdict? There’s really nothing redeeming about this dress. The worst part is that Mischa is a designer herself so you’d think she’d know better than to wear such an ill-fitting ensemble. Her sparkly shoes can stay, though.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is not nearly as much of a mess as Misch. Check out this creation she wore to Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards in LA over the weekend. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star chose a hooded number by Msfts, a line designed by her maybe boyfriend Jaden Smith.

We don’t hate the dress, although it’s definitely a departure from her usual red carpet style. The issue is the black stockings paired with white, open toe shoes. It’s warm in LA and we think Kylie should have stuck to one or the other: You shouldn’t wear stockings with open toed shoes, especially if they’re white and summery like hers are.

The final verdict? This isn’t a total fashion miss since we think Kylie looks fun and age-appropriate overall for the event. With a few tweaks, this could be a total do. We think her loose waves and red lips look gorgeous too, so props to her glam squad!

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