Deborah Lippmann dishes on spring’s hottest nail trends and the Girls collection

Can’t get enough Girls? The season may be over, but we scored the exclusive scoop from Deborah Lippmann about the Girls-inspired nail polish line she created with Lena Dunham (there’s one color for each character!) and spring manicure trends you can rock now.

Deborah Lippman

SK: What spring nail trends are you seeing?

Deborah Lippmann: It’s not a nude, sheer pink, naked nail season. It’s all about color! I did a collection we’re calling the Staccato Collection that has pretty spring shades you may have seen before, but I made them edgy by putting black glitter in them. Do one nail in an accent color if you don’t want to do something too crazy and weird. But anything goes right now! Try layering, too… you could do a nude base with gold glitter over top. Plus, layering glitter polishes will make your manicure last longer.

Girls' nail polish collection

The Girls nail polish set is
available online for $45.

SheKnows: How did the Girls nail polish line come about?

DL: I’ve known Lena Dunham for a while; I knew her before the show came on air. I donated a nail polish for her gift bag for the season 1 premiere party called ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’ A few days later, Lena wrote me a little thank you note with a picture of her wearing the polish. At the bottom of the note, she wrote ‘Don’t you think it would be cool for Hannah to have her own cool, hip green nail color?’ So we started talking about it. It initially started that we would make a color for Hannah and then when we started talking about it, we realized each of the girls is so different and has such a different personality… so it became a full collection, one for each girl!

SK: How involved was Lena in the making of the line?

DL: She was very hands on. She gave me concepts beginning with her wanting a weird hunter green when we started. She gave us descriptions of Marnie and Shoshanna and we sort of decided Marnie had to be Upper East Side pretty, perfect pink and Shoshanna was sort of blooming and trying to find herself so we describe it as Virtuous Violet. And then Jessa’s kind of bohemian and very sexy and so we made a dirty red for her. As we were progressing with the Jessa color, at first I made a really pretty red. And then Lena said ‘Jessa’s a little dirtier, don’t you think?’ So she was very much the visionary. I did a photo shoot with Lena for Entertainment Weekly and she emailed me the morning of the shoot before I got there and was like, ‘Can I be Shoshanna today?’ and I was like, ‘You can be whoever you want any day you want.’

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Photo credits: Deborah Lippmann


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