Mod makeup trends

Whether you’re a hopelessly devoted fan of Mad Men or just can’t get enough of the 1960s, there’s no denying the fact that mod makeup is back baby, and it’s right on trend for spring.

Twiggy's mod makeup

Celebrity makeup artist Julia Papworth explains how mod makeup first took off in London in the 1960s. “Model Twiggy really personified the look,” she says. “Her lush black false lashes, black eyeliner and nude lips helped to make her name synonymous with the trend.”

So what exactly is mod makeup? In a nutshell, think dramatic cat eyes, and the rest of the face should be kept very simple.

Papworth tells us how to master the mod look in several easy-to-follow steps.Mod makeup products

Step 1: Foundation

Start by priming your skin, and then move on to foundation. “This time period was all about dewy, glowing skin,” notes Papworth, “so opt for a lighter coverage foundation, like Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint.”

Step 2: Blush

As far as your blush goes, a light peach color dusted on your cheekbones is the perfect tone for this era, says Papworth.

Step 3: Eyeshadow

For the eyes, fill in any sparse spots in your brows first. Apply eyeshadow primer to your entire lid next. Use white matte shadow (try Gesso by MAC, recommends Papworth), spreading it up to the crease of your lid and slightly past your inner eye. Now, add a slightly pearlized version of the shade to highlight underneath your eyebrow. Make sure to blend in.

Step 4: Liner

Create a pronounced cat eye using gel liner and a thin angled brush. Begin at the inner corner of your eye, and drag the brush along your lash line to the outer corner of it. Then, while resting your elbow on something sturdy, slowly draw a line up towards the end of your brow (but not touching it), says Papworth. “The harder you push, the thicker the line will be. You can always go back and fix any mistakes with another brush dipped lightly in makeup remover.”

Step 5: Eye crease

To nail that ultra-mod eye crease, use a black eye pencil (I love MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder, suggests Papworth) to draw a curve that mimics the shape of your peeper, just above the white shadow you previously applied in Step 3. Extend this line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer edge, slightly over the crease line. With a small makeup brush, blend as necessary. Use the same kohl pencil next to line underneath your lower lashes, and then pick up a white pencil to line your inner water line.

Step 6: Lashes

Curl your eyelashes and apply a couple of coats of volumizing mascara (or even a set of falsies if you really want to make your peepers pop!).

Step 7: Lips

Finish off your mod makeup look by applying a matte neutral pink lip color, such as Jouer Hydrating Lipstick in Kate. Skip the gloss, recommends Papworth, and keep your pout simple so as to draw all the attention to your eyes.

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