Do age-defying hair care products really work?

Apr 17, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Age-defying hair care products are everywhere lately, but can you really turn back time on your tresses? We turned to a celebrity hairstylist to get the scoop on how to get shiny, youthful hair... no salon necessary!

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We've heard of anti-aging products for your face, but does your hair need them, too? Pantene, RedkenNexxus and Nuance Salma Hayek have all released age-therapy hair care lines that claim to give you fuller, younger and softer tresses. Celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate at Sally Hershberger Downtown says these products can actually work.

Matt Fugate
Celeb stylist, Matt Fugate

"As we get older, our hair texture changes," Matt tells us. "Using anti-aging shampoos and conditioners helps increase hair density and strength. It also helps to normalize your true texture and adds more protein to your hair."

But Matt, who's worked with Blake Lively, January Jones and Claire Danes, says you don't have to toss your favorite shampoo and conditioner just yet. "Just use anti-aging products once or twice a week," he says, suggesting you look for products that contain ingredients such as aminoglycine, polyfluoroesters or collagen. He recommends Sally Hershberger's Plump Up Collagen Spray.

He also says you can use a product found right in your kitchen to help soften hair, too: avocados! "Mash them up, and put them in your hair if it's dull," he says. And don't forget to schedule regular trims to get rid of dry ends and encourage hair growth, Matt says.

Tried & tested

I used Salma Hayek's Flax Seed Age Therapy shampoo, conditioner and serum for a few days and noticed my hair was softer. But I wouldn't use this every day, as I felt like it made my hair a little too soft and slippery. I'd use the serum in addition to my regular shampoo and conditioner routine occasionally if my hair felt dry in the future.

Photo credit: Matt Fugate

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