How to get red carpet ready like a celeb!

The award season excitement has come and gone and we’re still obsessing over our fave looks from all the top shows! Celebs sure do know a thing or two about getting red carpet ready, and while none of us will be accepting an Oscar or Grammy anytime soon, we still want to look our best for any big events. I’ve reached out to some of the hottest beauty experts for some celeb-worthy primping tips. You can thank me later!

Get your beauty on!
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Red carpet teeth productsTeeth

Naturally, you’ll want those pearly whites to shine in all the fab photos you’ll be taking at your big upcoming soiree, so make sure to prep ahead of time. I checked in with the NYC-based cosmetic dentists from Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor to help you make sure your teeth shine bright like a diamond.

Expert tips:

  • Need a quick fix? Fake white teeth! You can easily make your teeth appear brighter by wearing shades of pink or red lipstick with a blue undertone. Lipstick not your thing? Bronzer works too! By brightening up your complexion, these makeup mavens help create a distinct contrast between teeth and skin. Genius, right?
  • Want a total smile makeover? Try porcelain veneers. They can transform crooked teeth, remove dark stains and brighten your smile. So what’s the commitment level here? Veneers just take two visits to the dentist (usually one week apart) or you can also try an in-office whitening procedure like Pola Office+, offered by Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor.

Editor product picks: 

  • Colgate Optic White Line: By using the Colgate Optic White toothpaste in conjunction with the toothbrush and mouthwash, you can get whiter teeth in just five days! It’s even a fave of style expert Jeannie Mai: “Your smile is your best accessory so I love the Colgate Optic White Regimen. Using Optic White toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash just five days before a big night is a great way to get that red carpet-worthy glow!”
  • Listerine Ultraclean mouthwash: This new gem comes in three fresh flavors: Cool Mint, Artic Mint and Fresh Citrus, and features EVERFRESH technology to give you that “dentist clean” feeling for up to 3x longer than plain old brushing. Did we mention it controls tartar buildup and gives you 24-hour protection against plaque and gingivitis-causing germs? Yep!Red carpet skincare


Having a clean canvas (your skin) always makes the process of applying makeup go smoother. Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas knows a thing or two about getting skin to shine for a special event. Here are her top tips.

Expert tips:

  • You might be sick of hearing this, but exfoliation really is the key to glowing skin! Vargas says that people often skip this crucial step, but it can make a huge difference in the way your skin feels and looks. Another bonus? By exfoliating, you’re allowing those fancy-schmancy products you spend so much money on to work their way in.
  • If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty religious about getting frequent facials. Vargas’ celeb clients swear by her Triple Crown Facial to gain a youthful, refreshed glow. If you can’t afford to get a frequent facial yourself, reserve them for those oh-so-special occasions where you know you’ll want to look your best!

Editor product picks: 

  • Joanna Vargas Skin Care Exfoliating Mask: Since starting to use this goodie, my skin’s quality has improved drastically! It smells amazing, isn’t harsh on skin and gives you that nice tingly feeling that tells you it’s really working its way into your pores, cleaning out all the gunk.
  • Olay Pro-X line: Affordable beauty that works like prestige products? We can all appreciate that. The products in this line work feverishly to give you the best in anti-aging benefits. It’s never too early to start slowing down the signs of aging, right?

Red carpet makeupMakeup

Celebs always bring their A-game on the red carpet with flawless makeup that makes us all jealous. But you can create red carpet-worthy beauty looks on your own and it doesn’t have to break the bank! I consulted Kyra Panchenko, celeb makeup artist who recently did Nicole Kidman’s makeup for the Oscars, to get some celeb worthy tips.

Expert tips:

  • You might be dedicated to a light makeup look for every day, but when it comes to special events, coverage is key. “Make sure you spend most of your time on making your skin look flawless by using a good foundation. I love Tom Ford Traceless Foundation. It has good coverage and still looks sheer on the skin,” Panchenko says.
  • Figuring out what kind of products work best for photography can be tricky, but Panchenko recommends avoiding a certain popular phenomenon: “Stay away from HD powders if you’re being photographed. HD means High Definition: good for HD video, but not good for digital photography!”
  • Two other gems of advice? Finishing powder is key! It can take shine out of skin without making it look too matte. And a strong or penciled eyebrow is a neat way to switch up your beauty look for that special event without going too beyond your comfort zone.

Editor product picks: 

  • Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eye Palette: Available exclusively at Target this spring, this gorgeous palette has a unique texture and vibrant hues.
  • Topshop Makeup Lip Crayon in Clueless: This pretty pink shade can be worn alone or layered for a more pronounced look. Pretty in pink is always our fave way to hit a soiree!

Red carpet hair productsHair

One of my favorite parts about watching red carpet arrivals is seeing what the hottest stars chose to do with their perfectly coiffed locks. The next day it’s so fun to recreate the styles on your own! I turned to celeb hair stylist Brian Magallones for some tips on creating your own best tressed look.

Expert tips:

  • You might want to go all out with your hair, but keep in mind that less might be more: “When making an appearance on the red carpet, you have to take the entire look into consideration. Hair, makeup, dress, jewelry, shoes and handbag all have to work harmoniously to pull a look together. Especially when doing an updo with your hair, the worst thing you can do is have it look too intricate and fussy. It just makes it look more appropriate for a prom than a red carpet arrival,” Magallones says.
  • When you’re heading to a special event, you’ll want to make sure your ‘do lasts all night long! A lot of times women think that starting with dirty hair is best, but Magallones is setting us straight on this common mistake. “Start with clean hair, and comb a styling mousse through wet hair before styling. I love the Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam. Styling with a curling iron will also give you a longer lasting style, especially in humid weather, and I always finish with Aveda Control Force hairspray. It keeps the style looking fresh all night long and never feels stiff or sticky.”
  • Two other gems of advice? For impressive volume, use the lightest product that works for your hair type, and use it sparingly. Too much product will weigh locks down! And if you want a backstage beauty trick, use a toothbrush! “It’s a secret weapon for smoothing out flyaways and fine baby hairs around the hairline. You can spray the toothbrush with hairspray and smooth them right away,” Magallones says.

Editor product picks: 

  • Herbal Essences’ Smooth & Shine line: Event-ready hair starts in the shower with a great shampoo and conditioner. These babies from Herbal Essences will give you smooth, shiny locks that would be the envy of any celeb!
  • Dove Style + Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray: Hey, if it works for Jennifer Lawrence, it works for me! Dove’s celeb stylist Mark Townsend has used Dove products on the star for the past several award shows, and if her gorgeous ‘dos are any indication, it’s a must-have product.

Red carpet quick fixesFashion

Now on to the most important part: Getting the perfect outfit for your party! If you’re hoping to win the regular gal’s version of best dressed — jealous stares and compliments a plenty! — you’ll want to read these tips from fashion expert Jeannie Mai.

Expert tips:

  • Two super important pieces of advice? Watch the fit and color of your dress! “If you don’t have fit, you don’t have fashion! Tugs, pulls or if it feels like it reveals too much when you move naturally, don’t wear it. [Also] I’m not encouraging the fair skinned ladies to get tanned; however, pick a jeweled toned dress that pops your skin color rather than blending.”
  • Fashion emergencies happen! Don’t let them ruin your night, though. “If you step on a hem and it tears, tape it from underneath with clear packaging tape (available anywhere there might be a maintenance guy around). If you want to secure your gown from not slipping, fold the tape on itself and stick anywhere you need extra security. If your shoes are slippery, take a butter knife and score the bottom of the shoe in a grid like pattern and the texture will create a non-skid surface.”
  • The easiest thing you can do to create a major fashion moment? Be your own paparazzi! “Take selfies before you leave the house so you know exactly what your best poses are and also test the dress with lighting from behind and in front to make sure it’s not see through. A great way to build confidence before you leave the house is to give yourself a pep talk because no matter what you are wearing, your individuality will stand out the most,” Mai says.

Editor product picks: 

  • Pinch Provisions: Prevent any fashion emergencies by coming prepared! Stash the contents of this Good Luck Minimergency Kit in your clutch or carry in your larger purse. Either way, you’ll be glad you took it!
  • Revlon nail art: The finishing touch to any red carpet look is always a marvelous mani! Get a nail art-worthy look using Revlon’s new Nail Art Expressionist. Available in a range of vibrant colors, these gems will help your inner artist shine through on your fingertips.

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