5 Shortcuts to a gorgeous wardrobe

You don’t have to spend a fortune on new clothes every season as styles change (unless you want to, wink). The fastest shortcut to looking style-licious is in the way you accessorize. Keep your main wardrobe simple with a few timeless pieces such as black, gray, khaki and white pants, capris, skirts and dresses, plus simple, well-fitting tops, sweaters and jackets in mostly solid colors. Then the fun starts!

Awesome accessorizing
woman putting on heels

Stockings and tights

Variety of tights

With the gazillions of stockings and tights available in all patterns, colors, laces and fishnets, you could stock on up stockings for a lifetime for less than the price of one dress. Try a little black mini or pencil skirt, simple solid top and cute jacket or sweater, and then go a little crazy with the tights for an adorable outfit that’s not too over the top.




Shoes! Need we say more? Since it’s no longer a “requirement” to match your shoes to your handbag to your belt, you can go as wild as you want with your shoe choices. These days, anything goes. You can even have your shoes made just for your foot by a company called Shulogique. They scan your foot with their high-tech equipment and build your shoes from scratch!




Whether you’re the type who likes a small, dainty purse or a veritable suitcase, your handbag is one wardrobe essential that can really show off your personality. Pick a color, any color. Carrying a sturdy black bag is a thing of the past. If you want to trade in or trade up, why not sell your current handbag? One company, CashForPurses.com, will pay you to send them your old purse — they pay for shipping, too!




Skinny belts, wide belts, leather, plastic, metal… you see every style and type on today’s runways, so find the one (or 10) that you like and stock up. Contrary to what some people believe, loose clothing does not make you look skinnier (like you’ve lost weight). Well-fitting clothes always look best on women of any shape and size, and make you look more sophisticated and put-together. Cinch those floppy tops and dresses with a fab belt, throw a jacket over it and you’ve got a great outfit that can go from office to happy hour.




Scarves can really make an outfit pop. Whether you decide to splash out on a handmade, hand dyed silk scarf or pick one up at the street vendor, scarves give you the opportunity to put your best colors right where you want them — by your face. If you’re not sure which colors best highlight your features, check out style guru Jill Kirsh’s website, Jill Kirsh Color, for help.

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