Best gifts for the all-natural gal

Dec 1, 2012 at 4:51 a.m. ET

Clean-livin' and earth-lovin' — the all-natural gal is determined to save the planet, one bike-commute at a time. Show her your support with these perfectly natural gifts.

Beauty booty

Just because your best bud is a tree hugger doesn't mean she wants to skip the razor and deodorant. Chances are she just wants to look her best while using the most earth-friendly products available. Help her out by picking up one of these beauty products.

beauty brushes

Better beauty brushes

EcoTools' brushes feature handles made from bamboo, ferrules made from recycled aluminum and bristles that are cruelty free. Plus, one percent of their annual sales go to the 1% for the Planet organization that's dedicated to leveraging resources for a healthier planet. We love their 6 Piece Day to Night set that includes five brushes and a beautiful bag for only $17. (EcoTools, $17)

Cleaner cosmetics

Cleaner cosmetics

All natural, vegan and gluten free, makeup from Gabriel Cosmetics is the dream gift for the all-natural gal. Whether she loves to perk up her pout or bring out her eyes, you can't go wrong with one of the company's holiday gift sets. Our favorite is Midnight Madness, featuring a lipstick, nail color and conditioning nail polish remover pads. (Gabriel Cosmetics, $19)

All-natural nail care

Nail products are known for being harsh and loaded with chemicals, but you can put a smile on your friend's face this year with the Londontown nail treatment set. This five-piece set is packed with vitamins, minerals and essential oils that are designed to nourish and strengthen the nails from the inside out. All products are vegan, gluten free and cruelty free. (Londontown, $125)

natural nail care

A spa experience

Hiking, gardening and gettin' a little dirty may be key components of an all-natural gal's life, but that's all the more reason to help her relax when she's home.

massage oils

An at-home massage

Helping your best gal work out the kinks after a long day at work is sure to win you points, but the all-natural woman wants to know that her massage oils are all natural too. Sliquid Organics massage oils feature a blend of nut and seed oils combined with certified organic botanicals chosen for their soothing properties. Choose from Escape, Rejuvenation, Seduction or Tranquility. (My Secret Luxury, $13 each)


An at-home facial

Spa gift cards are an excellent idea, but some women don't feel comfortable carving out the time it takes to get a professional facial or massage. Bring the spa experience home by picking up the ReFa Pro Skin Rejuvenation Platinum Electronic Roller. The proprietary design of the roller mimics the motion of a masseuse, allowing the user to self-massage the face and body in the comfort of her home. Used daily, it even helps enhance the appearance of skin. (Make{me}Heal, $320)


A bath-time escape

Make bath time a true pleasure with bath salts, soaps and creams from Prestiche. These all-natural body products are made from only the freshest, finest ingredients — like Dead Sea salt, coconut oil, aloe extract, beeswax, Hibiscus flower, Rosehip, shea butter and a variety of other extracts and essential oils. So, whenever your all-natural girl showers down, she'll be sure to feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world when she uses Prestiche. (Prestiche, $17 to $60)

Natural fitness

Between her yoga practice, weekend hikes and daily bike commute to work, the natural girl is usually naturally fit. Support her health-filled passions with these fun gift ideas.

riding jersey

Girl-power gear

Rosie the Riveter invokes feelings of mega girl power, so remind your favorite friend that she can do anything she puts her mind to when she's lacing up her shoes for a cycling trip. This fun jersey is sure to put a smile on her face. (Retro, $75)


Safe riding accessories

Helmets are a requirement when it comes to cycling, but if your friend is still wearing an ugly old variety, help her upgrade to a fun, new style. Nutcase Helmets offers cycling, snow- and water-sport helmets adorned with designs like polka dots, stripes, animal prints and more! We love this subtle and cute paisley print on a white background for the work-commute woman. (Nutcase, $60)

Goal-tracking journal

If your friend is a true competitor, then she'll appreciate a journal designed to help support and enhance her fitness-related goals. We love this beautiful training journal from Believe I Am. Printed with vegetable-based inks on 100 percent recycled paper, it's sure to win major bonus points with the all-natural woman! (Believe I Am, $25)

goal tracking journal

Earth-friendly fashion

Today's all-natural gals don't have to choose between being earth friendly or fashion forward. Here are just a couple beautiful fashion accessories that are sure to appeal to her senses.

ginko leaf necklace

Recycled jewelry

This fine silver pendant from Isabelle Grace Jewelry is both beautifully designed and thoughtfully made. Crafted from recycled silver and handmade when ordered, there's little waste produced by the company, giving you a lot to feel good about! (Isabelle Grace Jewelry, $48)


Vegan-friendly handbag

Chances are your all-natural lady ditched the leather purse a long time ago in favor of a cruelty-free option. While there are lots of faux-leather bags on the market, why not upgrade your gal's tote to a designer-like version? We love Olivia + Joy's Prosperity Satchel in latte. (Olivia + Joy, $98)

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