Ice ice baby: Votre Vu Les Sorbet Anti-Aging Serum (Review)

Dec 6, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Think a serum has to be room temperature to work? Well, Votre Vu's cool child on the anti-aging block has you thinking again. Meant to be savored, this serum will not only help you erase your wrinkles but will help you stay beautifully cool wherever you are. See why we're loving it in our review below!

Votre Vu Les Sorbet Anti Aging Serum

Serums are the new beauty blockbusters, no doubt, and Votre Vu's Les Sorbet Advanced Ice Care Pour Le Visage sounded tres appealing to us because of its differentiating feature: This is a serum which is frozen in order to preserve the efficacy of the formula. It comes in a convenient fat wand-like applicator that you can swirl and swipe over your face quickly.

Les Sorbet had already picked up a few snazzy beauty awards such as the Shecky's national beauty award, so we couldn't wait to put it to the test.

The solid wand is packed with anti-aging superstars: think marine elastin and collagen (marine collagen gives skin strength and elasticity), organic muscle-relaxing vegetable peptides that also luxuriously nourish the skin, hydrolyzed collagen for that ultra-moisturizing and protective factor and a complex vegetable broth that soothes, revitalizes, regenerates, smoothes and stimulates.

What does it do?

What you'll have to do is definitely keep this in the freezer (or in dry ice). We took ours straight from the freezer (frozen is actually best), so that the formula was at its best. The serum promises to protect your skin from free radicals with each application, and the result is a deliciously cool and glowing complexion with reduced pores.

How does it measure up?

Les Sorbet promises to contract fine facial musclee, tone skin, rev up circulation and renew cell turnover. Quite a lot of promises from a little frozen wand, right? What we found is that our pores were noticeably smaller, and the skin was glowing. The skin also felt firmer. I couldn't say with 100 percent certainty that it reduced my wrinkles visibly, however (for this, we suggest you follow up with a more potent anti-wrinkle moisturizer or serum).

This iced serum can be used on the face, neck and decolletage and it's also compact enough to fit into a purse. BUT, because it absolutely needs to stay frozen, there's no way you can carry this around unless you pack it in dry ice or carry a large fridge strapped to your pocketbook, so beware.

The serum is also nice and thin and glides on your face beautifully. You'll need to use your fingers to make sure it completely sinks into your skin, but the sensation will be quite thrilling because it's unlike anything you've experienced before.

We recommend you use a toner for a more tingling effect and a rich moisturizer afterwards to make sure your skin is thoroughly moisturized because the serum will make your skin feel taut (but not dry). It retails for $165 and is quite pricey, but because it's concentrated and packed tightly, it will last you a long time if you refreeze it after use.

Tip: Use it under your eyes as well as on the lips for a complete top to toe cooling effect.

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