Ghoulishly gorgeous Halloween makeup: Sonia Kashuk shares her tips

Oct 22, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Halloween is one of those amazing days where fashionistas everywhere are free to dress as crazy as they want. It's also a day when we can have a lot of fun with our makeup, without risking looking like a drag queen. To help get tips for rocking the perfect Halloween makeup look, I turned to Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty.

Vampire makeup

SheKnows: Women love their makeup, but it can be expensive! What are the top must-haves a gal needs to have in her makeup bag to create a great standout Halloween makeup look?

Sonia Kashuk: A liquid liner — you can create tons of costumey looks with this miracle product. From cat whiskers to a super-hero eye mask, it’s like a marker for the face!

SheKnows: Halloween is coming soon! For those beauty addicts freaking out because they have no idea what they'd like to be for the holiday, what are some simple yet classic looks they could create with what they already have in their makeup bags?

Kashuk: Since '50s glam has been big in recent trends, any retro makeup is pretty easy to achieve with everyday makeup products. Go with winged liner, false lashes, arched brows and red lips, adding a beauty mark with a brow pencil for a perfect sexy Marilyn Monroe. Or nix the beauty mark and swap in fuller brows, you’re set to be the lovely Audrey Hepburn — just add a black shift dress with white long gloves and let your wardrobe do the rest!

SheKnows: A lot of women go from work to a Halloween party, with little to no time in between to create elaborate makeup looks. What tips do you have for them on how to create a look with impact but one that doesn't take them too much time?

Kashuk: A wig is a great accessory that can really transform an entire look in no time.

Taylor Swift
Jennifer Lawrence
Emily VanCamp

SheKnows: Just for fun, let's take three hot young celebs of the moment. What kind of a makeup look would you love to see them in for Halloween? Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games), Emily VanCamp (ABC's Revenge).

Kashuk: Taylor Swift is always so polished and sweet, so I would love to see her in a sinister costume like an evil witch with a smoky eye and black lip.

Jennifer is freshly brunette, so it would be fun if she incorporated that into her costume such as Cleopatra — that graphic Egyptian liner would be stunning with her eyes.

It would be nice for Emily to play off her naturally fair skin, so Snow White would be great for her, plus the innocence of the character is a fun juxtaposition of the fierce Amanda Clarke.

SheKnows: Using your line as inspiration, what's one hot trendy look you'd love to create?

Satin Luxe Lip Color with SPF 16 in Plum Wine

Kashuk: For fall I launched a beautiful burgundy lipstick called Plum Wine. The dark sexiness of this vampy shade would be amazing to recreate a sultry '20s flapper look.

Start by creating a flawless skin base with a primer, concealer and foundation. Next create a super smoky eye with dark grays and intense blacks. Begin with a kohl liner in the upper and lower waterline, using a brush to smudge out color into the lashline. Then add a layer of dark gray over the lid, blending up and out creating a gradation of color towards the brow.

Finish with full false lashes for extra drama and sex appeal. The brows are next, which were dangerously thin during this time, so you may need to use some concealer or special effects makeup to cover up a naturally thick brow. Once concealed, retrace the eyebrow using either a pencil or cream/powder with an angled brush in a thin, curved shape that arches high in the center.

Last but not least, complete the look with my Satin Luxe Lip Color with SPF 16 in Plum Wine. First apply a plum lip pencil, drawing the lips in a bow shape reminiscent of the time, and follow using a lip brush to apply the lipstick for control.

If you happen to get outside of the lines, use a concealer with a brush to cover up any mistakes. Add a short black bob wig and a fabulous flapper dress with some pearls and you are ready to go!

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