How to choose an adult Halloween costume for your body type

Trick or treat! It’s that time of the year again, and that means it’s time to start picking a Halloween costume. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and picking the right costume can be difficult. However, the next time you check out the costume store or decide to start creating your costume, think about these tips to flatter your figure.



Officer Lauren police costume

Hourglass figures have similar bust and hip measurements and a waist that is usually 10 inches smaller than their bust/hip measurements.

The hourglass shape is curvy so it’s important to avoid clothes that look loose or frumpy. Similarly, avoid pants with baggy bottoms, as they take away from your curvy figure. Play up those curves by picking a costume that showcases your bust and uses a wrap style around the waist. This Officer Lauren police costume works great for hourglass figures because its tight fit accentuates curves and the black belt brings focus to a narrow waist. To lengthen your torso, choose light colors for the top and dark for the bottom. Be sure to wear a supportive bra to ensure comfort.



Rosie the Riveter costume

Pear-shaped bodies are the most common body type for women. Pear shapes are characterized by the hip and butt measurements being larger than the shoulder measurements. Many times, pear figures have a smaller bust line.

With pear figures it’s important to bring the attention upward. Embellish around the neck or wear a headband to bring focus to the upper part of your body. This Rosie the Riveter costume or try a jean button up shirt with pair of dark-wash wide-hemmed jeans to keep pear figures visually balanced. Pear figures are curvy as well, so be sure to avoid frumpy clothing and embroidery; stay away from frilly skirts as they bring too much attention to your hips.



Vixen Vamp

Apple figures have a broad shoulders, a large bust, narrow hips, a flat butt and an undefined waist. With apple-shaped bodies, it’s important to draw attention away from the waist and to define balance.

Elongate your torso by wearing something with a V-neck cut, and add a belt to the torso for slimming definition. Keep your costume monochromatic if possible because it will lengthen and slim your torso. Check out this Vixen Vamp costume — its V-neck is flattering and its high-low hem adds shape to your bottom. Stay away from tight or tapered bottoms because they will create a straight-line effect and take away shape from your figure.



Pirate costume

Rectangle-shaped bodies (also known as athletic bodies) are characterized by bust, hip and shoulder measurements that are similar. Rectangular builds are usually tall and are known for their long and lean figures.

The most important thing a costume can do for rectangle-shaped bodies is to create curves. Scoop-neck and sweetheart cuts create shape and add definition. Belted waists, collars and ruffles also add shape and dimension to a rectangle figure. Try this pretty pirate costume, with a scoop neck, ruffles and a corseted waist — perfect for long and lean figures. Make sure to wear a supportive bra, as it will help add more shape to your bust.



Native American costume

Wedge-shaped figures — also called inverted triangle figures — are characterized by a broad upper body and waist and hip measurements that are proportionally smaller than their shoulders.

To even up your body proportions, draw the eye downward, bringing the focus to the torso and hips. Stay away from strappy styles, as they will bring too much attention to your shoulders. Wear a wide belt on your hips or try something that’s high-waisted. Don’t be afraid to wear bright-colored bottoms, as they will draw the eye toward the lower half of your body. This Pocahontas costume is perfect because it incorporates a belt, and the cut draws the eye downward. The one-shoulder cut is also flattering because it does not bring too much attention to the shoulders.

Whatever your body type, make sure to flaunt what you’ve got and to have a happy and safe Halloween!

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