Teri Reeves dishes on fashion, fitness and her new show Chicago Fire

We’re sitting down with Teri Reeves, one of the stars of NBC’s newest drama series Chicago Fire, to chat about her beauty must-haves, how she stays so fit and what it’s like moving from LA to Chicago.

Interview: Teri Reeves
Teri Reeves

SheKnows: We’re so excited about your new show! Tell me a little about your character on Chicago Fire.

Teri Reeves: I play Dr. Hallie Casey, a resident in the ER. My relationship with Matthew is the romantic drama of the show. Hallie’s one of those women that you look at on paper and aren’t necessarily supposed to root for. She comes from wealth, but it comes out she’s really down to earth and she fights for what she believes in and what she loves. She’s warm and generous; she’s like the woman I would like to be.

SheKnows: All of the women on the show play strong roles. You’re in the ER and the other two women are paramedics. Was it important for you to be in a cast of strong women?

Teri Reeves in Chicago Fire

Reeves: That’s really the gift when that opportunity comes up. Being in a Dick Wolf show always is [like] that. It’s lovely to be surrounded by strong women on the set. The story [revolves around] an engine house in Chicago that has firefighters, squad rescue and an EMT crew. The women are just as involved in the action and they rescue people on the show every day while dealing with their real life at-home drama. My character focuses more on my relationship with Matthew at the moment. It’s more about how his home life is affected by his work and vice versa.

SheKnows: When on a drama of this nature, it seems like you’d have little time to fuss over hair and makeup. What are beauty essentials you have to have with you while on-set?

Reeves: I have very oily skin so I start with Proactiv moisturizer and my makeup artist has Colorescience powder and blotting papers which also help with oil control. Chicago air is sort of dry, so I always have Fresh Sugar lip balm with me. It’s got SPF and it’s great!

Teri Reeves in Chicago FireSheKnows: Working in Chicago during the summer isn’t only dry but also quite humid. Did you have to change your beauty routine at all?

Reeves: The humidity really affects my hair. I have wavy hair and the curls keep falling out! My go-to product is Goldwell Style Sign 3 Hot Form Heat Styling Lotion. It’s the best!

SheKnows: Speaking of your hair, it’s gorgeous! How do you keep it so shiny and healthy?

Reeves: I don’t dye my hair and I get it cut every six to eight weeks. I use all Aveda hair products. Their damage remedy is great! I have wavy hair, but it doesn’t have a lot of body at the roots, so I also use their Pure Abundance hair potion to give my roots some lift.

SheKnows: Let’s talk style. How does your style compare to the style of your character Hallie?

Reeves: Most of the time she’s in scrubs, but when she’s in regular clothes, she’s in skinny jeans which I’m shy about in real life. I like flare jeans because I have hips and a butt! Flare jeans distract from my round middle. But Hallie wears skinny jeans paired with tall boots; she’s not shy. She’s also very classy. She wears adult clothes, and I like a little more edge and roughness.

SheKnows: We think you look great in skinny jeans! And you’re so active. What are your favorite ways to stay in shape?

Reeves: I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu five times a week, yoga three times a week and I jog along Lake Michigan in Chicago. That’s my regimen! I do something every day; I don’t like to get bored. I love working out and living in Chicago. There’s so much to do, and it’s a beautiful city with really nice people and great food.

SheKnows: Jesse Spencer, who plays your husband on Chicago Fire, is a hottie! We have to know, what’s it like working with all of these hunky fireman?

Reeves: They’ve become like brothers, but there are moments I forget that and become very distracted and have to look away. They’re the loveliest of guys. It’s not a rough day usually when I’m on set with them!

Thanks so much, Teri. We can’t wait to see the first episode! Be sure to catch the series premiere of Chicago Fire Oct. 10 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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