Hungry Girl’s head-to-toe beauty foods

Aug 21, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Eating smart isn’t just about the number on the scale -- it's also about feeling good and looking great! Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien shares her top picks to beautify you from head to toe.

woman eating yogurt

Tress for success

Got dry, brittle hair? You may need to boost your protein intake. Beans and legumes are great sources of protein that'll put you on the path to healthy, shiny hair.

Add beans like garbanzos and black beans to soups and salads. You can even blend up your own hummus (easy on the oil!). Click here for some of my favorites and how to use 'em in HG recipes.

Smooth skin is in

When it comes to keeping your skin looking glowy and youthful, omega-3 oils are a great secret weapon. The essential fatty acids nourish the skin and pack a powerful anti-inflammatory punch.

StarKist’s Albacore Flavor Fresh Pouches contain tons of omega-3s and have just 90 calories per single-serve pouch. Perfect for topping off leafy greens, whipping up a quick tuna salad... whatever!

Beat the bloat

Nobody likes feeling sluggish and weighed down. But the “good bacteria” in probiotics, found in sources like Greek yogurt, help to keep your digestion on track, so you don’t feel bloated.

Try the fruity fat-free Greek yogurts by Fage and Chobani. The creamy deliciousness that's low in calories and high in those healthy probiotics will keep you coming back for more.

Happy nails

Summertime means cute sandals, so make sure your toes are in tip-top shape. Biotin, a B vitamin, helps strengthen nails. Your fingertips will thank you too!

Justin's Nut Butters taste fantastic, and they're full of good-for you B vitamins that will help keep your nails looking their best. They're also available in portion-controlled packs. Go, Justin!

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