Why new pajamas could boost your confidence

Sep 24, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. ET

While I spend quite a bit of time prepping myself to go out and face the world, when I am at home, it’s the complete opposite.

Woman wearing pajamas

It’s a no-holds-barred comfy fest and a race to see how fast I can toss on my pajamas, pull my hair up and get my makeup off. I go out of my way to be at ease at home, always thinking that the only pajamas I could ever wear were those five-sizes-too-big tees and my worn out sweatpants.

But there are more attractive alternatives that are just as comfortable! Even if it’s just you, your pets or your man looking at you, making a few simple changes to your ‘at-home wardrobe’ can quickly and easily boost your confidence -- and your sex life.

Taking a little time to make yourself feel pretty at home goes a long way. Here I’ll show you three types of PJ options that are comfortable and attractive.

chiffon and lace slip

The slip

This is made to slide on (and off) easily. It looks as sexy as lingerie but without the uncomfortable underwires and matching thongs. A slip will show off all of your curves nicely in the right places. Like Christian says in Fifty Shades of Grey, “You should always be in satin or silk.” And while you should change your pajama wardrobe for yourself, a little male attention might be a welcome byproduct!

I love this chiffon and lace slip from Victoria’s Secret ($68). It’s light, breezy and sexy! Pair it with the matching kimono ($118) outside of the bedroom if you have kids or roommates that you don’t want catching a glimpse of an unexpected nip slip!

rayon and lace romper ($48)

The romper

Popular as sleepwear in the ‘80s, the romper is back with an updated look. Like red lipstick instantly makes you feel more glam, rompers instantly make you feel put together. One tip: Because this is a one-piece, it is crucial to try rompers on before you buy them. If the fit is awkward anywhere on your body (especially if the shorts ride up) then you won’t be comfortable and you probably won’t wear them.

Honeydew intimates makes its pieces from some of the softest fabric on earth! This rayon and lace romper ($48) is one of my favorites. I want it in every color! Put this on and get ready for a naughty bedroom romp!

The classic tank and yoga shorts

Throw away your outdated Joe Boxer for women shorts (you know which ones I’m talking about!) and get acquainted with yoga shorts! Stretchy and short, yoga shorts keep all your jiggles in place and make your booty look great! Pair them with a classic tank but lose the bra! Any man will tell you there’s nothing sexier than a woman in a tank top with no bra. Extra bonus: These PJs do double duty! When you wake up in the morning, you’ll have no excuse not to fit in a workout!

I like these Hollister yoga shorts, and at $7 each, you can afford to pick up a few! Pair 'em with this blue easy fit Abercrombie tank  ($15) for a flirty combo.

Hollister yoga shorts

Building up your loungewear wardrobe might seem frivolous, but the effects it could have on your self-esteem and sex life make it a must-try!

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