Cinderella couture: The Louboutins you’ve been waiting for

They are here! The glass slipper concept that brought Cinderella and her prince together has been in the good hands of designer Christian Louboutin. He brought the fairytale heels to life and debuted the design this week in Paris.

Christian Louboutin Cinderella shoes

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The first photos of the Cinderella-inspired Christian Louboutins are here!

When the designer announced that he was partnering with Disney to dream up and bring to life the Cinderella slipper, it seemed like there was no better man for the job. After seeing the final design complete with butterfly embellishments made of Swarovski crystals, it’s clear that this is the perfect way to celebrate the re-release of Cinderella on DVD and Blu-Ray.

These fairytale slippers are everything you think they would be in the real life adaptation. Though I was hoping the shoe master otherwise known as Christian Louboutin would defy the odds and make a beautiful shoe out of glass, let’s be honest — the Swarovski crystals and beautiful lace make me a happy girl.

Girls and Louboutin lovers everywhere will have fluttering hearts today as these heels make their rounds in the social sphere. InStyle reported that within four hours of posting the first photo on the Cinderella Facebook Page, it received 18,000 likes.

Cinderella slipper sketch by Christian Louboutin

“The slipper is the magic wand of transformation, which conjures confidence, beauty and love,” Louboutin said. Everything about these shoes and how Mr. Louboutin describes them is incredibly poetic.

“The dream is a major factor in my language of design. There are no limits in the world of fantasy and there is always a happily ever after.” What red bottom beauties will he dream up next?

Photos courtesy of Christian Louboutin and Walt Disney Studios

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