(Review and swatches): Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish

Nail art is not new, but nowadays easy to wear nail art is just two brushstrokes away thanks to the magnetic nail polish trend. We first heard of Nails, Inc. jumping on the magnetic nail lacquer bandwagon; now, the latest kid on the block is Sally Hansen. Find out how it measures up.

Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish

First, there was Nails Inc. I loved their magnetic nail polishes and was impressed at their creativity. From making nails dazzle like precious stones to bringing the Magnetic North to the nail polish bottle, this brand had it all figured out. (Now, the new Fishnet Magnetic Nail polish creates a gorgeous gold wave, priced at $16).

Now, Sally Hansen debuted a series of similar magnetic nail polishes, and it’s simply called Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color. Let’s not discount the creativity of this brand. Their Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips are everything for the gal on the go and they’re quite inexpensive. The latest Magnetic Nail Colors come in the gorgeous shades of Polar Purple, Ionic Indigo, Kinetic Copper, Red-y Response, Silver Elements, Electric Emerald, Graphite Gravity and Golden Conduct. Plus, they’re only $9 each.

Polish tips and tricks

The polish itself goes on beautifully and a base coat is so easy to apply. The brush offers excellent control and allows you to apply the polish evenly and in hard to reach areas as well. The trick is the top coat, which allows you to experience the real “magnetic effect.” Here are the best ways to get this nail color to work just as you see in advertisements and on the bottle:

  • Shake, shake, shake! Remember to shake the bottle before you apply;
  • Apply a good base coat and then a single layer of the Magnetic Nail Color to all nails;
  • Allow your nails to dry;
  • Apply a thick (we’re talking THICK) second coat to your nails one by one, and then immediately hover that polish side down over the nail lacquer lid which contains the magnetic field;
  • It’s important to do this one by one for each nail;
  • Lift the nail after 10 seconds and you’ll see a beautiful magnetic “wave” design;
  • Allow all nails to dry and apply a top coat.

Is it worth it?

From a purely technical point of view, Sally Hansen is the real deal, for much less. If you want magnetic nail polish, you’d definitely want to spend $9 and stock up, as opposed to Nails Inc.’s pricier options. The difference in price though, is really for the quality of the colors and the effect. Nails Inc. for instance, offers a completely different palette than Sally Hansen’s: Their Houses of Parliament (a vibrant purple) is a much deeper, glossier shade than Polar Purple. You’ll have to decide what look and effect you’re going for because both brands work when it comes to creating that magnetic effect.

The fact that the magnetic nail art trend has come to a drugstore near you is wonderful news and shows how accessible makeup can be to all consumers — regardless of price. So, go on, embrace the nail art wave!

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