Friday's Fashion Fails: Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez

May 4, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Oops... even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We're telling you why Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez's fashions fell short in our new weekly feature. Learn from the stars' sartorial slip ups!

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Oh, Mimi! We know you lost 30 pounds on Jenny Craig after giving birth to your adorable twins, but that doesn't mean spandex is your new best friend. Check out this red and black ensemble Mariah wore during her Top of the Mountain concert in Austria.

Spandex should really be saved for the gym. This red and black striped unitard isn't doing the diva's figure any favors and it seems Mariah has come down with a serious case of camel toe.

As if the skintight getup wasn't bad enough on its own, Mariah went and paired it with combat boots, a puffy jacket and fingerless gloves a la Madonna.

The final verdict? This is a walking fashion felony. From the too tight leotard to her army-style shoes, Mariah missed the mark. At least her hair looks nice!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo usually has a killer sense of style, but even fashionistas make mistakes, like this Lanvin colorblocked snake dress. The American Idol judge donned this reptilian sheath from Lanvin's spring 2012 collection in L.A. to announce her upcoming tour with Enrique Iglesias.

Colorblocking is a hot trend, but you have to be careful when you've got killer curves like Jenny from the block. The vertical black stripe breaks up her body and makes her look wider than she actually is. We would have preferred to keep the colorblocking scheme horizontal, like using a different colored top and bottom.

While we appreciate a snakeskin print or accent, having an actual snake wrapped around your neck is a no no, unless you're a zookeeper.

The final verdict? Make sure the trend you're trying works with your individual body type. Just because a model wore it on the runway doesn't mean it will work for you in reality! We recommend that J. Lo sheds this slithery dress from her wardrobe ASAP.

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