Eco-friendly beauty for moms

May 15, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. ET

As moms, we are all concerned about the environment, chemicals and food additives to ensure the well-being of our children in the future. So we recycle, use natural cleaning products and buy organic fruits and vegetables. Now we can take our efforts up a notch by using organic and natural beauty products. The latest formulas not only help the planet, but they truly work!

Eco-friendly face wash

Organic and natural skin care

For bright and glowing skin, try Kiss My Face Potent and Pure Exfoliating Face Wash ($15, For firm and youthful skin, try Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid ($58,, which naturally firms and tightens your skin using a combination of Green Apple Stem Cell and a natural retinol alternative complex.

Eco-friendly mascara

Organic and natural makeup

For mascara that is free of alcohol, shellac and lacquer, try Ecco Bella FlowerColor Natural Mascara, which uses clay and iron oxides instead ($18, For radiant skin, try Alicia Silverstone for JuiceBeauty Irresistible Glow Facial Highlighter ($22, For flawless skin, try Afterglow's Organic Infused Foundation ($36) and Total Cover Concealer ($25,

Eco-friendly serum

Organic and natural haircare

To revive dry, damaged hair, try Hamadi Healing Serum ($20, which uses moisturizing oils such as sunflower oil and avocado oil to replenish the hair. To add shine and gloss to your hair, try BeInspired Daily Shine and Repair Serum With Argan Oil ($30,

What about pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, it is even more important to use products free of chemicals and additives. Since the hormonal changes of pregnancy can create acne and melasma, it can be even harder to find products without ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or hydroquinone. Try the skin care regimen from Amalou Skin ($138 for all four products,, which uses ingredients like tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic often used for acne) and azelaic acid (to remove toxins from the skin).

What else should I know?

When buying natural and organic beauty products, check to see if the line contains certified organic ingredients and if it's free of parabens, synthetic chemicals, FD&C color dyes and artificial fragrance. Other considerations are whether the company uses recycled materials, green production and hybrid vehicles for transportation.

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