Moms of tots: What not to wear

May 1, 2012 at 5:28 a.m. ET

If you have little ones, you are always on the go -- from playgroups to doctor's appointments and from the park to daycare. Wherever you are headed with your children, you should aim to dress comfortably without being sloppy. With these fashion tips for moms of tots, we'll talk about what not to wear when you are out and about with your kids.

mom in dress and heels

High heels

Common sense says that unless you want back and foot pain at the end of the day, you should skip the sky-high heels. You don't have to wear sneakers all the time, however. Instead, invest in an assortment of cute ballet flats and flat sandals. If you want a little added height, you can always wear wedges. Wedges are trendy and you can wear them with almost anything. Right now flatforms are really popular. These shoes have a platform sole that's about the same height as the wedge heel — so your foot is kept flat and comfortable. Check out these flatform espadrilles from ASOS, available for just $58.

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Short skirts

Short skirts are suitable for a night out with your hubby or girlfriends but not for running around all day with the kids. Shorts are the answer in summertime. For something a little more dressy, embrace the maxi dress. Maxi dresses have been popular for several years — especially among moms. They come in a variety of fabulous prints and are so easy to wear. You can just throw on a maxi dress with your favorite sandals for an instantly chic look that is comfortable and stylish. This season, get into maxi dresses with a vintage vibe, like this Vicky Bali Batik maxi dress with its navy and white floral print. It's available at for $99 in sizes XS through XL.


We love the breezy white dresses and crisp white capris that are all the rage for spring and summer, but wearing white around your little ones just isn't smart or realistic. Spills and accidents, as well as your time spent sitting on park benches or lounging in the grass with your kids, make white garments a bad choice for most moms. Darker colors are a more logical option, jeans are always a good answer and prints are terrific because they hide spills and dirt easily. For casual days, we love these Code Bleu denim capris partnered with a print top. These pants are just $49 at Dillard's.

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Anything too tight

We aren't saying moms shouldn't dress sexy — just that there's a time and place for it. When you're headed to library reading hour, taking your kids to the zoo or going out for pizza with your wee ones, you shouldn't wear anything too tight, short or revealing. Sexy clothes aren't comfortable and you are setting yourself up for a wardrobe malfunction. Avoid low-cut tops, the aforementioned short skirts and anything that clings to the body. Clothes that are a little looser (but not too loose) are always more figure-flattering as well. Pick garments that skim the shape of your body with a beautiful drape, rather than something that is too clingy.

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Keep in mind

Even if you aren't overly concerned with your fashion sense, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't care at all about what you are wearing. From moms of tots, common sense and comfy-chic styles prevail.

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