Halle Berry debuts Deichmann shoe collection in Europe

Halle Berry recently partnered up with Europe’s largest shoe retailer to debut her first ever shoe collection, 5th Avenue. Even though we can’t buy them in the U.S. yet, we’re totally obsessed with these shoes!

Halle Berry at Deichmann

We sat down with Sonja Schröder-Galla of Deichmann to get the inside scoop!

SheKnows: It’s obvious that Halle Berry has great style. Was this the reason behind the 5th Avenue collection?

Sonja Schröder-Galla: Halle Barry is one of the very grand Hollywood stars. She is a fantastic actress and a fascinating, natural personality. As an actress, she can excellently present our versatile fashion and is very credible. No matter whether athletic, elegant or sexy, she is a fashion icon for every style. This is perfectly expressed in the TV commercials and the photographs we produced with her. Halle Berry also stands for internationality and is a well-known personality in Europe, our market for this collection.

SheKnows: What sort of women does the 5th Avenue collection appeal to?

SS: 5th Avenue is known for stylish international designs, premium materials in popular colors and very good accoutrements in a feminine look. Shoe fashions from 5th Avenue are ideal for prestige-oriented women. They don’t have to prove their style – they’ve just got it. Whether it’s high-heeled sandals, pumps, ballet shoes or boots, the 5th Avenue collection offers a broad selection of high quality from the best materials and is reasonably priced.

SheKnows: What’s the inspiration behind the name of the collection?

SS: 5th Avenue is Deichmann’s own brand and well-known in Europe. The brand is of course named after Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, which is one of the most famous streets worldwide. With its prestigious boutiques and flagship stores, it is a symbol for internationality and elegance.

SheKnows: The 5th Avenue collection isn’t sold anywhere in the U.S, but can the shoes be purchased online and shipped to the U.S.?

SS: The 5th Avenue collection shoes cannot be shipped to the USA. Deichmann holds the license for Europe only.

SheKnows: Does Halle Berry work with the designers to produce the shoes?

SS: Yes, Halle Berry works with the designers to produce her collection so that she can give her shoe line her personal touch. Halle describes her first collection of shoes as “a dream come true.”

SheKnows: What can we expect next from the collection?

SS: Her next collection will be for autumn/winter 2012/2013 and it will of course also cover boots and ankle boots.

Thanks Sonja and congratulations to Deichmann and Halle Berry for what is sure to be a great collaboration!

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