Tips to look hot in your tops

Some women are born with gorgeous, perfectly-sculpted bodies. The rest of us have to work hard at the gym to fit into our “skinny” clothes. There is a way to speed up the process of body shaping in the mean time, though.

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Here are a few ways to look hot in your favorite tops

Wear the right bra size

This is the first step to looking great in all your clothes. According to industry studies, up to 80 percent of women consistently wear the wrong bra size. Surefire ways to tell if you’re wearing the wrong size include:

  • You can’t fill out your cup size (the cup is too large)
  • You have cleavage “spillage” (the cup is too small)
  • Your bra rides up during the day (the band size is too large)
  • You have distinct back creases around your band line in shirts (the band size is too small)

Determining the problem will help you find a solution to creating a smooth bust appearance under clothes. In some places, professional bra fittings might be pricey, but they’re entirely worth the chest-and-back comfort you’ll get for the rest of your life.

Choose the right bra for the occasion

Not every bra can be worn with every top. If you’re wearing a tight, high-necked sweater, for instance, you’ll want to focus less on enhancing cleavage and more on filling out your cups to create a nice, smooth line over you bust. If you want to go a little crazy with cleavage for a night out, a push-up bra is your best bet.

Keep in mind, some tops look great with larger busts and others are meant for smaller bosoms. Choose a bra that reflects your style choices, and make sure you’re wearing a top that flatters your body type.

Shape where shaping is needed

Hold your hesitation. There’s no shame in wearing body shapers. Celebrities have been wearing these figure-hugging underthings for decades both at red carpet events and in everyday life. Even the thinnest celebs don’t always have the perfect hip-to-waist ratio, but they can create it using body shapers. Choosing a shaper that minimizes your problem areas and focuses on your sexy parts is the first step to rocking that hot new top. Say, for instance, you have a tummy pooch and you want to wear a form-fitting blouse for the evening. Pick a body shaper, like a thong girdle, that allows you to maintain the vavavoom of your derriere while sucking in that tummy. When you put on your top, you’ll see a noticeable difference.

How to measure your bra size

Almost 80 percent of women wear the wrong sized bra, so follow these tips to make sure you pick the right size every time.

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