New French beauty secret to staying slim

Feb 16, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET

French women just know how to do so much right… chic and simple style, effortlessly sexy wearing little to no makeup and they are rarely robust. Let's be honest: It's freakish (and not fair).

Classic French Woman

How are none of them packing on the pounds, while they sip fine wine, snack on cheese and chocolate and get their only exercise in the bedroom? Seriously, have you ever seen a French woman at the gym in your kickboxing class? Nope, they're too busy being fabulous.

Well, ladies, guess what? I just cracked their je ne sais quoi code. Say enchanté to every French girl's secret to staying slim: Melvita.


The French beauty company is as organic as they come and my favorite products du jour are their Slimming Oil and Contouring Cream. The Multi-tasking ALGASCIENCE Slimming Oil removes impurities and intensely firms the skin leaving it smooth and supple.

This isn't just some random combination of oils here. It is formulated with Hyper-Oxygenated Olive Oil to decongest and regenerate as well as a cocktail of carefully selected essential oils (Geranium, Scots Pine, Juniper and Hybrid Lavender) to reduce water-retention and stimulate blood micro-circulation.

Also, the Amazonian Andiroba (say that five times fast) and Bellis Oils drain and tone the skin, keeping it as slim as possible. Let's not forget one of its main ingredients: Seaweed! The Gelidium Cartilagineum (that's fancy talk for Red Seaweed) firms and strengthens the skin's structure.

I like to mix the oil with Melvita's Contouring Cream — the combination of the two products is when I saw the best results. The cream is loaded with caffeine to flush out the toxins and increase lipolysis to reduce excess fat. The Contouring Cream also has brown algae in it to prevent fat storage.

Instead of making a resolution to get to the gym every day, I started my year off promising myself to just put this lotion and oil on every night before bed (haha, sorry, that's the truth). I didn't see results the first week, but I could feel it — my skin felt tighter and taut. I used these two products religiously for the last three weeks, and I definitely saw an overall smoother look and feel to my skin (see ya, cellulite!) and I noticed my thighs were definitely thinner by week three… Parisian thin.

So far, I'm definitely loving my new French workout routine. Get on the Melvita program and we have a feeling you'll be saying "Merci!" soon enough.

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