The eyes have it: How to get sexy bedroom eyes

One eye makeup look that never seems to go out of style is sexy bedroom eyes. Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie all know how to rock this look and do it often. If you feel like changing things up this winter, here’s how to recreate the sultry look.

Scarlett Johansson

Start with a flawless face

Tinted moisturizer

There’s no point trying to create a new eye makeup look if the rest of your face isn’t flawless and glowing. There’s no need to spend hours piling makeup on, but do make sure that your skin is nice and evened out with the appropriate color foundation, a light dusting of bronzer (to warm up your skin tone) and concealer under your eyes to neutralize any darker areas.

Choose the right shade

Gray and pearl eyeshadow for smokey eye makeup look

The smoky eye look is best achieved with darker tones such as gray or brown eyeshadow and liner, combined with a lighter tone that contains a bit of sheen to accentuate the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

Getting started

Eyeshadow brush

Go over your whole lid with a dark chocolaty brown or charcoal gray. Ensure the entire lid is covered, but be careful not to make the layer too thick (pat the color on rather than swiping it). Also make sure the shade you’re using can be blended easily for a softer look. Next, add some more of the dark shade on just the bottom part of the lid with a slightly heavier hand and smudge so it’s not a hard line.

Line your eyes

Kohl eyeliner pencil

Add a dark brown or black liner (depending on which shade of shadow you chose) on top of the lid, starting from the middle of the upper lid very close to the lash line. Smudge that as well to ensure you have a soft, rather than hard line.


Eye makeup smudge

If your eyes are quite large, you can use the black or brown liner on the inside of the top and bottom lid to intensify the eye and help larger eyes appear smaller. If you lengthen the line at the end of the lid going outwards, it will elongate the eye as well as help create that almond/cat eye shape.

Lighten up

Shimmer eyeshadow

Add a lighter tone like ivory or soft beige (get something with a slight shimmer) in the inner corner of the eye and along the brow bone. This will help accentuate those areas and brighten up your eyes. Always finish your smoky eye makeup look with lengthening and thickening mascara.

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