4 New Year’s hair resolutions

Jan 4, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. ET

It’s that time of year again, beauties: New Year’s! Although the big crystal ball dropped the other night, you’ve still got time to conjure up some special hair resolutions for 2012.

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To help you rock those locks this year, we consulted Justine Piecuch, a stylist at Boston's renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon, to create some fail-proof New Year's resolutions. These little hair care tips are super helpful and incredibly easy to keep. Trust us -- you'll thank us later!

Out with the old, in with the new

You throw out your groceries each week when they go stale, and you should do the same each year with your beauty products! Piecuch suggests going through that stash of blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons and tossing the ones you've owned for quite some time. Not sure how to gage whether or not your tools are a tad too old? Ask yourself the following questions: Do they smell when you're using them? Have they been sitting in your closet for several years? If you answered yes to one or both questions, it's time to throw it away!

While we're on the topic of product purges, let's not forget to throw out old styling products like hairsprays and gels. Toss out anything you bought in 2010 or before if they're open, and get thee to a drugstore for some 2012 hair shopping!

Masque your flaws

We all know how easy it is to get a little lazy with hair care. After all, if you have to decide between watching this week's Vampire Diaries or applying a hair masque, you're likely to choose the former! But Piecuch says that making a point to masque your hair once a week can have long-lasting results… ahem, longer than the one hour of sheer joy you get from watching Ian Somerhalder vamp it up. Try using a hair masque specific to your hair type/texture, and ask your stylist if you're stumped on brands.

Step up your game

If you're anything like us, you're pretty low-maintenance when it comes to hair. But if you've been lazing around neglecting your inner hair styling skills, it's time to step up your hair game, darlings. Piecuch recommends trying something new this year to spice up things in the hair department: "Learn how to braid, use hot rollers or work with a curling iron. It's time to learn how to style your hair. If you've only been air drying or blow drying for the past year, it's time to step it up!"

Maintain the situation

It's totally easy to fall into a pattern of lazy hair maintenance. Just think about it: How many times have you forgotten to make that next haircut or color appointment? Well, ladies, this year is the time to resolve to be better about your hair regimen, Piecuch says: "Keeping up with your cut and colors really helps boost self-esteem!" Get yourself on a hair schedule and keep to it this year. We promise you'll thank us for it later!

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