Jeannie Mai fesses up on how to dress for New Year's Eve

Dec 21, 2011 at 12:30 p.m. ET

Style Network's vivacious host and trendy go-to girl Jeannie Mai is just the girl to ask for the 411 on spicing up your style for New Year’s Eve. Easily the most metallic night of the year, the clock is ticking down to New Year’s Eve and it’s your chance to break out the sequins and spend your holiday in style.

Normally lending her expertise to Style Network's How Do I Look? series, Jeannie Mai offered SheKnows some pointers for flaunting your best style while you're bringing in the New Year and bidding adieu to 2011.

She makes it clear that this isn't the holiday to revert to your usual, less is more, style policy. "More is more when it comes to this holiday," said Jeannie. Here's how you Mai-ify your holiday style with metallic trends and Jeannie's dress ideas.

Try one of Jeannie's dress picks

Style Network's Jeannie Mai's holiday dress ideas
TIP: Break out of your mold this holiday! "More is more," Jeannie said about New Year's Eve.

One of two: a Willow and Clay sheer dress, what Jeannie calls sheer genius. She said, "What I love is it hits right above the knee so it's very flirtatious but at the same time very come hither with the sheer fabric."

You can dress this baby up with banging bangles or you can opt to let the embellished neckline do the accessorizing for you.

Two of two: the Claudette dress by Eva Franco.

"It's something that's very naughty and nice because it's got a leather bodice mixed with a pleated black skirt."

Accessorize wisely

Jeannie's next set of tips teaches you how to accessorize affordably, not with jewelry and shoes, but by accentuating your lips and your perfume for the perfect holiday connection.

To accomplish what Jeannie calls Gliptz she says, "Head to your lipstick tray and pick any bold, berry colors." From there it's easy as lipstick, line and top off with any art glitter. "Use your ring finger, dab it into the glitter and actually take it right on top of the lipstick you have [on]."

Jeannie promises, "The glitter locks in and actually stays on your lips all night long, even when you're sipping on your Champagne glass."

Switching gears to scents, Jeannie reveals the real purpose of cinnamon and nutmeg, "Cinnamon and nutmeg are natural enhancers that go with any fragrance that you already own."

Mix just a touch of nutmeg or cinnamon with your favorite scent and dab it behind your ears and in the tresses of your hair.

Smash shiny textures together

Jeannie Mai's tip for spending the holidays in style
TIP: Shine yourself up! Wear a sequined cardigan with a patent leather skirt for holiday festivities.

"Nothing else makes a statement like sequins and shimmer. I definitely suggest to smash those patterns together. It actually works!" She adds, "If you have pantyhose with shimmer, don't be afraid to wear [them] with a sequined dress."

Even though most tend to associate holiday fashion with glitz and glamour, you can also show the New Year your inner edge with a different kind of shine.

Jeannie advises you to throw some patent leather into the mix. "If you have a sequined, cropped cardigan, make sure to wear that with a patent leather skirt."

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