Thanksgiving-inspired beauty

Our fave Thanksgiving foods aren’t only delicious, they’re also pretty great for our beauty routine!

If you just can’t get enough of Thanksgiving’s delicious culinary treats, why not bring them into your beauty routine? We scoured the web for some of the best Thanksgiving-themed beauty products and are sharing all the delicious details!

Cranberry sauce

If you can’t get through Thanksgiving without a taste of cranberry sauce, we’re sure you’re going to love this tantalizing Antioxidant Cranberry Pure Natural Body Wash ( $16) from JASON. The natural ingredients coupled with the fantastic scent make this one body wash you won’t mind indulging in.


Antioxidant Cranberry Pure Natural Body Wash ( $16)


While many kids struggle to hide their veggies under their mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving, many of us adults love them. If carrots are your guilty pleasure, you’ll love this makeup removing cleanser from Yes to Carrots (, $10). The antioxidant properties in the organic carrots and pumpkin that fill this tasty treat help protect your skin against everyday toxins and the smell will remind you of your fave Thanksgiving treat!

Yes to Carrots (, $10)

Apple cider

What Thanksgiving is complete without a delicious glass (or two or three!) of apple cider? Whether you like yours served hot or cold, we know you’ll love this creamy foaming cleanser (, $30) from Suki (formulated with gentle alpha hydroxy acid – apple juice). The antioxidant rich, non-stripping foaming wash helps fight free radicals and restores radiance while removing dirt and impurities. Delicious and nutritious (for your skin)!


Foaming cleanser from Suki (, $30)

Pumpkin pie

Who doesn’t associate Thanksgiving with this festive treat? If you’d like to indulge but don’t want to load up on calories, try this tasty-smelling Harvest Spice Pumpkin Orange Body Lotion from philosophy (, $16).

Harvest Spice Pumpkin Orange Body Lotion from philosophy (, $16)

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