Versace for H&M is here! What you need to know before you go

Waiting to get your mitts on some of the stunning pieces in the Versace for H&M collection? Hold on to your stilettos — you have to know the rules, first!

Versace for H&M is finally launching with some rules

It looks like retailers took notes of how not to handle a designer collaboration after the whole Missoni for Target fiasco. H&M isn’t going to let the excitement over the Versace for H&M collection ruin their reputation, so they’ve enacted some rules ahead of today’s UK launch.

Here’s what you need to know before you line up bright and early for the U.S. launch on Saturday.

“The first 280 in line will receive one of 14 different colored bracelets, 20 people for each bracelet color. On the bracelet you will be given a specific time for shopping in our designated area. The bracelets are only needed for our women’s collection. Customers buying the men’s collection will not require a bracelet. When your time slot arrives, you will enter the designated area to shop for 15 minutes. Our goal is to create a better shopping experience for all of our customers,” the retailer said in a statement.

Versace for H&M launches in the US Saturday

“If you are not one of the first 280 in line, you will of course have the opportunity to shop from the men’s collection or within H&M. When the 14 groups have finished their shopping we will open up the women’s collection to all of our customers,” the statement continued.

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“To make sure as many customers as possible are able to buy from the Versace for H&M collection, we have a shopping limit. Every customer can buy from the entire collection, but with a limit of purchasing a maximum of two pieces per product, ie not more than two sizes (shoes/garments) or pieces (accessories) per product per customer. The shopping limit covers the entire Versace for H&M collection. Your place in line does not guarantee any items from the Versace for H&M collection.”

Wow, they mean business!

No one is more pleased about Versace for H&M than the mastermind behind the brand: Donatella Versace.

“This is fashion right now,” Versace told the New York Times this week. “It’s not about being the same. It’s not about being safe. It’s about daring, and it’s about making people dream, too. There are not many things to dream about in the world right now, but fashion is one of them.”

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“The thing about H&M that makes me very happy is that I can reach an enormous crowd of young people, because they are looking for inspiration. They are not looking for a dress,” she added.

Images courtesy Versace for H&M

Are you going to wait in line to get your chance at Versace for H&M?


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