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Is your hair aging you? Stylists know that what applies to makeup also applies to hair. It’s critical to update your look, so check out these 10 hair style tips for looking younger with your hair, courtesy of renowned stylist Mark Garrison.

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Attention moms

If you don’t remember the last time your refreshed your hairstyle or cut, your hair may be adding years to your look. There’s no time like the present to reverse the aging process and start looking younger. Hair guru Mark Garrison, owner of his eponymous salon in New York, gives his best tips on how to instantly look younger just by changing your cut and color. Not sure whether you need a refresh? Garrison offers this self-check: “If you’re wearing the same hairstyle since you got married, then it’s time to change it up. A look goes “stale” in no time. To stay looking fresh, a new style often is a must.”

Think lighter

Demi Moore may look gorgeous with her black hair, but it’s really difficult to pull off for most women. “Don’t make the color too dark or too dense. Harsh fake hair color is aging and not at all fresh. Out-of-the-bottle one color doesn’t look real [either],” Garrison says.

Go for subtle contrast

“Have contrast, but not so much that it’s striped and piecey. Highlights should come from underneath, not painted right on top at the parting. A little root is modern,” he says.

Seek layers

“Layers vary with hair texture and face shape,” he notes. “For a round face, layers should build volume on top and slim sides. A wispy angle bang will lengthen face. For a thin face, use more layers to build width. Heavier blunt-ish bangs will shorten face.”

Think texture

“Curl it, smooth it and/or or put it up. Versatility is key,” Garrison says.

Get bangs

Go for soft bangs, and “make sure they are the right proportion to the frame of your face. Try a soft angle bang that is easily swept away,” he says.

Avoid drastic colors

“Stay as close to your natural hair color as you can to prevent it from looking brassy and to keep it low maintenance,” he says.

Choose the right color

“Be careful with the tones. For blondes, ash tones can make you look washed out and aged. Sunny golden is pretty,” he says. “Hair line highlights soften the color and give a natural sun kissed appearance.”

Hair color is your friend

“Use hair color to enhance certain features and create illusions to minimize features. Lighter on top lifts the face. A shade darker at the sides slims the face,” he says.

Be daring

“Edgy cuts can make you look younger and more hip,” he says. “Ditch the cereal bowl haircut.”

Don’t forget your brows

Why? “Having your eye brow color too far off from your hair color can be unflattering,” Garrison says. So keep the two in check.

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