4 Ways to beat bed head

Oct 31, 2011 at 11:01 a.m. ET

A good night’s sleep is essential to looking and feeling your best. Unfortunately, your hair may not always reflect your refreshed attitude first thing in the morning. Don't settle for unruly locks. Instead, try these four tips to conquer messy morning hair.

woman wearing french braid

Begin the battle before bed

Overnight hair treatments are a new type of hair-care product and a growing phenomenon. The reason for the sudden popularity –- they claim to repair your hair while you sleep and incorporate everything from silicone to botanical oils to vitamins. Your pillow should not be left greasy in the morning, and your hair may be stronger, softer and shinier. The variety of new treatments in the market means there is something available for every budget. Kronos PHYX Overnight Repair Masque is growing in popularity as a talked-about treatment, but it is also one of the highest-priced at $105 per four-ounce bottle. For a mid-priced treatment, check out Kerastase Brume Nuit Apres Soleil Overnight Leave-In Treatment ($36). And try Frizz-Ease Crème Serum Overnight Repair ($10) for a treatment that works on any budget.

Try a bedtime bun

Secure your hair in a safe place while you sleep each night. Wash your hair about an hour before bed, using a leave-in conditioner. Allow time for your hair to air dry until it's just slightly damp. Place your hair on top of your head in a bun and secure it with a few bobby pins. In the morning, gently tousle hair with your fingers and style. Can't get your hair on top of your head? Replace the bun with a cotton bandana or scarf around your head at night to keep you hair smooth and protect it from your pillow.

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Wear a braid

Braided hairstyles are fun, flirty and easy to execute. There are lots of different styles that will work with short or long lengths. Experiment with different types of braids like a loose braid, fishtail braid, small braids or a braided headband –- all work wonders in helping to tame and conceal messy morning hair.

Beautify your mess

Sometimes the best approach to bed head is the "why beat it when you can join it?" mentality. When done right, an intentional messy morning hairstyle can turn heads for all the right reasons. Of course, there are a few steps to follow to take your hair from hot mess to sexy tresses. Generally, a short cut with uneven layers works well for this look. Twist and style your layers into uneven, messy notches. Also, using the right styling products is crucial to the style. Waxes work well for thicker hair, while gel mousse works to achieve this look in fine hair. Finally, highlights and lowlights help define layers and add definition to the bed head look.

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