3 Easy ways to feel more beautiful every day

Oct 31, 2011 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Most of us have days when we feel anything but beautiful. You wake up and nothing you put on – from makeup to clothes – seems to look right. Those days can easily throw you off, but there are some beauty tips and simple ways to deal when you just don't feel pretty.

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We've put together some go-to survival strategies for any day you're feeling off your beauty and style game. Read on for three easy style tips to feel more beautiful – every day.

Fake it until you make it

Just because you don't feel beautiful doesn't mean you can't act like you do. Often the best way to get your groove back is to pretend you haven't lost it. Smile, hold your head up high, put some attitude in your strut and generally act as if you're on top of the world. Chances are, at some point during the day, you will find that you're no longer faking it – and that you really do feel beautiful.

Why it works

The more you give in to feeling less-than-stylish, the more likely you are to let it ruin your day. Like any slippery slope, as soon as you let go, the faster you fall, but by faking a feeling of beauty and confidence, you buy yourself time to regain those feelings for real.

Go glam

When we feel out of sorts, we're much less likely to gravitate towards anything associated with glamour, especially makeup. Bold, look-at-me makeup comes out when we want to get noticed, not when we'd rather stay in bed. But it's on those days, when you don't feel up to facing the world, that the red lipstick or metallic eyeshadow should take center stage. So the next time you're feeling lackluster, reach into your makeup bag and pull out your most get-noticed hues. You don't always need to let your mood (especially a bad mood) dictate your overall look. In fact, you'll have much more fun in the long run if you opt for glamour over something bland and boring.

Wine stained lips

Wine-stained lips

Kim Kardashian Bold Spider Lashes

Dramatic lashes

Scarlett Johannson Beach Waves

Beach waves

Some looks to consider:

  • Fall's wine-stained lips
  • Dramatic, look-at-me spider lashes
  • Fun and flirty brightly colored eyeshadow
  • Big, bouncy curls or sexy beach waves

Wear something unexpected

Like going glam with your makeup, wearing something unexpected when you aren't exactly feeling gorgeous can do wonders to help improve your mood. Bust out your highest heels, wear the dress you've been saving for a special occasion or sport some of your most over-the-top jewelry. The key is to dress in a way that goes against the idea that you aren't beautiful or that you shouldn't get noticed. Most of us have outfits we only wear when we're feeling great – the ones we really want people to take note of. We say don't wait for a feel-gorgeous day. Wear that outfit on the days when you really need a beauty boost.

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