7 Professional eye shadow tricks

Getting the eye shadow looks of celebrities and runway models can be tricky in the real world. Application can become uneven, too dark or just too heavy if you’re not careful. We’ve compiled the best eye shadow tricks to make sure your look stays fresh and lasts all day long.

Makeup artist applying eyeshadow

1Blend, blend, blend

The key to getting just about any perfect eye shadow look is to blend properly. Blocky eye shadow never looks natural. Using soft, sculpted eye shadow brushes (rather than the spongy applicators that come with a new shade) can make all the difference. To create soft eyes, rotate the brush in tiny circles to make sure each shade on your lid merges seamlessly into the next.

2Build a base

Perfect eye shadow doesn’t come without its fair share of work. Prepping the base of your lid will prevent smudging and messy, unfocused looks. You can buy eye shadow primer, or you can simply start with a bit of foundation and powder. Get rid of those greasy lids and your look will last from day to night.

3Pick colors that make your eyes pop

There’s no use fawning over that gorgeous dark-brown shade if you have blue eyes. It will just make the color of your eyes disappear. Instead, choose something that fits your unique set of peepers. Blue eyes look great with shadows in blue, bronze and light brown. Green eyes look great with light browns, dark greens and lavenders. If you have brown eyes, consider yourself lucky! You can pull off just about any shade.


Bring light to your eyes by highlighting in the right places. Accentuating the brow bone and corners of your eyes with the right light shade can mask imperfections and brighten your whole look.

5Use shimmer, but use it carefully

Shimmery shadow can accentuate creases and wrinkles. Go crazy if you’re young. If you’ve seen those crow’s feet appear, try going for a creamy metallic shade. It won’t crawl into those little creases that have appeared over the years.

6Keep dark shadow to the outer eye

Getting dark eye shadow too close to the lash line can make your eyes appear smaller than they actually are. Go light at the base and work darker colors up to your crease to create full, big eyes.

7Clean those brushes!

It may seem like a simple concept, but cleaning your eye shadow brushes ensures the most pristine application every time. Each night, wash brushes with a bit of baby wash and let them air dry naturally.

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