How to rock fall’s metallic lip colors

Metals aren’t just getting attention in the financial media — they’re also a hot beauty accessory this season. Read tips from beauty experts on how to rock fall’s metallic lipstick trend.

Woman wearing metallics lips

1Be prepared

Metallic lips can definitely capture attention — so make sure it’s the statement you want to make. Fanny Woo, wardrobe and beauty stylist for Urban Darling says that when it comes to metallic lipstick, the condition of your lips is important because metallic hues tend to highlight every single crease and wrinkle in and near the mouth. Give yourself a clean palette by prepping your lips to wear them. Start by using a gentle lip scrub, and then apply a conditioning lip pencil all over the lip area. Spending a few moments prepping before application will give you a smooth surface that is ready to rock metal lips.

2Know your coloring

Freelance makeup artist Sharon Becker says that a key piece to rocking metallic lips is finding the gleam that works for your coloring and purpose. Becker advises light-to-medium tones for day (especially when wearing metal lips to work). To find a match based on your skin tone, hold a sliver and gold earring to the underside of your forearm. Use what looks better with your skin to determine which metallic lip tone will complement your coloring. Women with lighter skin usually look great in champagne or golden shimmers, while medium/cocoa skin tones can pull off a mocha-chocolate shimmer. Deeper-skinned ladies can consider wine-colored metallics. Woo even suggests making your own metallic lipstick by mixing Vaseline or Aquaphor with a fine glittery pigment. (The more pigment you add, the more metallic your lipstick will be).

3Stick to one statement

If metallic is out of your usual comfort zone, Becker suggests keeping the rest of your makeup simple, and dressing with your lips in mind as well. “Don’t match your metallic lipstick to your clothes, or you’ll look like a cliche — golden sweaters can be matched with a deeper lip, and vice/versa.”

4Act your age

Age is nothing but a number, but it can impact when and how you rock metallic lips. If you are in your 20’s,  you can afford to be a little more daring with a metallic lip, opting for a super glam and eye-catching lipstick. If you’re in your 40’s or 50’s, you can still rock a metallic, just aim for a look that is more subtle. A metallic, glittery lipgloss applied over a lipstick can add a beautiful, sophisticated glimmer that will feel fresh, without appearing overly trendy.

“When wearing a shimmery, light lip, you can definitely play around with your eyes. A smoky eye with a shimmery lip would look great with a high bun and bangs. A pony wrap would also bring attention to the face. Always try to get a metallic lipstick with a base that would blend nicely with your skin.” Lavette Slater, celebrity hair and makeup artist and lead hairstylist for The View

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