Best fall outerwear trends for wedge-shaped figures

Sep 6, 2011 at 3:04 p.m. ET

Check out these trendy fall coats and jackets that are best suited for wedge-shaped figures.

Wedge-shaped figures feature broad shoulders and/or a generous chest along, with slender hips and thighs. Look for outerwear that has more volume below the waistline to help balance out your figure.

Collarless coats

Collarless coats

Women with wedge-shaped figures (also referred to as inverted triangle or strawberry shapes) should avoid wide lapels, shoulder pads and anything else that makes their top half seem wider. The collarless coat is a fantastic choice for women with this body shape. This style will make your shoulders seem more narrow, balancing out your figure.

    Flared coats

    Flared coats

    A coat that flares below your waist will look beautiful on your wedge-shaped figure. This will give the appearance of a more balanced, hourglass shape. Avoid coats with straight lines, as they'll make you look shapeless.

    Styles to avoid

      Avoid double-breasted coats and outerwear in thick, bulky fabrics. Cropped and waist-length jackets should also be avoided by those with wedge-shaped figures. For casual, cool days, a fitted hip-length hoodie or cardigan is a terrific choice in outerwear for wedge-shaped women.

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