Best fall outerwear trends for rectangle-shaped figures

Women with rectangle-shaped figures should wear clothes that give the illusion of more curves. Read on to find out which fall coats and other outerwear are best for rectangle-shaped body types.

Often called “boyish,” rectangle-shaped women should look for outerwear that is feminine and soft. Avoid coats that are too bulky or created from stiff fabrics — they’ll overwhelm your frame.

Sweater coats

Sweater coat

A soft sweater coat with a wrap design is a nice choice for those women with rectangle-shaped figures. This style will make your waistline appear more defined. This fall, you can experiment with striped knits and other fun prints that are on-trend.

Hip-length fall coats

Hip-length coat

A coat that stops at the hip is a fabulous option for rectangle-shaped figures. A tailored style that nips in at the waist or has a belt will also give you the curvier look that you desire. Rectangle-shaped women should look for any coats that make them look a little more like an hourglass.

Styles to avoid

Avoid double-breasted coats because they look too boxy for your body shape. Drop-waist coats are also poor options for your rectangle-shaped figure.

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