Best fall outerwear trends for hourglass figures

Sep 6, 2011 at 3:02 p.m. ET

Let's take a look at some of latest fall trends in outerwear and find out what's best suited for women with an hourglass figure.

The hourglass figure features a top and bottom that are evenly proportioned, with a well-defined waist. Contrary to popular belief, hourglass women aren't necessarily full-figured. Slim, plus-size and every size in between can be hourglass, as long as the body is curvy with a slim waistline.

Structured coats

Tailored coat

Women with hourglass figures are lucky because they can wear all lengths of coats and jackets. However, curvy women look best in curvy outerwear -- so skip the full-length shapeless coats and look for something that's tailored and nipped at the waist.

    Flared trench coats

      Flared trench

      A fantastic choice for fall is a classic trench coat with a slightly flared shape. Always use the belt on your trench to call attention to your fabulous waist. Look for a coat in a bold, bright color to liven up a dark fall wardrobe.

      Styles to avoid

        Steer clear of oversized boyfriend cardigans and swing coats -- they won't do your shape any justice. Look for coats that hint at your curves, rather than completely cover them up in a shapeless style.

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