Best fall denim trends for rectangle-shaped figures

If you have a rectangle-shaped figure, you’re lucky that you can wear almost anything. However, some styles of jeans will make you look more curvy and feminine.

Many models and celebrities have rectangle-shaped figures with not much definition at their waist. Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Keira Knightley are all considered rectangle-shaped woman. We all know how good these hot stars look in their denim and you can too by picking the right pair of jeans.

Low rise jeans

Low-rise jeans

For your straight body type, you want to create the illusion of a defined waist. One way to do that is with low-rise jeans. Skinny styles are a fantastic choice because they make your thighs appear thicker than they are. Wide-leg jeans will also work well on this body type.

Distressed light wash jeans

Light-wash jeans

If you have ultra-slim hips and legs, you can make them look wider by wearing light colors. Light-wash distressed jeans are really trendy right now and are perfect for rectangle-shaped figures.

Styles to avoid

Avoid really big flares, as well as cargo-style jeans — these jeans will make your figure look more boyish than you actually are. When trying on jeans, look in the mirror from every angle. Bend, twist, sit, squat and try everything you might do in your jeans to make sure they fit just right.

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