Best fall sweater trends for wedge-shaped figures

Sep 6, 2011 at 2:42 p.m. ET

Every sweater is not suited for every woman. Consider these fall sweaters that will look fabulous on a wedge-shaped figure.

If you have broad shoulders and/or a large bust, along with narrow hips and a defined waistline, then you're a wedge shape. Women with wedge-shaped figures (often referred to as inverted triangle or strawberry shapes) usually have slim legs and a flat rear end. With this body type, you want to create the illusion of an hourglass by balancing your hips with your upper body.

Tunic sweaters
Knit tunic

Lucky for you, tunic sweaters are really trendy right now. A sweater that hits just below the hip with a little flare will make your hips appear wider, balancing out your body. A sweater with a V-neck is also a fabulous choice because it will slim down your shoulders.

    Striped sweater
    Striped sweater

    A sweater with stripes in the bottom half is perfect for wedge-shaped figures because it will draw the eyes down and away from the shoulder area. A colorblocked sweater with the dark color on the top and lighter color at the bottom also flatters this figure type.

      Styles to avoid

      Wedge-shaped figures also should avoid shoulder pads and unique necklines, which put the emphasis on the wrong part of the body.

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