The VMA’s fabulous fashion and fashion flubs over the years

With the 2011 VMAs fast approaching, our anticipation for what fashions the red carpet will bring is bubbling overboard. We’re getting our fashion fix by looking back at some interesting style inspirations over the years. Join us, please.

Best Halloween-inspired glamour

Christina Aguilera, Pink and Lady Gaga at the VMAs

Christina Aguilera

Though Christina has had her fair share of fashion flubs over the years (you may recall some tacky leopard print and a mini skirt made of denim), she cleaned up nicely in 2008 and proved her Dirrty days were still behind her.


Alecia Moore, better know to the public as Pink, is like the rebel girl in high school you secretly wanted to be friends with. Her style has in-your-face, tomboy tendencies and even when she throws on a long gown, she manages to pull of a classy look — with a little edge.

Lady Gaga

Every day is a runway for Gaga. When she made her way down the 2009 VMA red carpet, it was as if a villian from a black and white movie reel from the 1920s was creeping her way through a musky bar formulating a plan to kill off fashion as we know it. Learn something that you didn’t know about Lady Gaga >>

Images courtesy of Wenn/Nikki Nelson/Andres Otero

Most likely thought they were going to prom

VMA fashion from the past

Deena Cortese

She’s not exactly known for her fashion choices on the shore and this is no exception. Her halter style dress is complete with the tacky fabric and decals you’d expect to see on a prom dress from the ’90s.

Paris Hilton

Once the queen of rich rags and expensive style, Paris Hilton really missed the mark on the 2008 VMA carpet. The poof sprouting from the rear gives the dress a look reminiscent of a centaur. Hey, Joan Rivers has said a lot worse.


Beyonce has pulled some serious weight in the world of celebrity style, but this isn’t the look that gave her the carpet cred she has now. We’re having trouble not thinking of our younger years and sneaking out to toga parties.

Images courtesy Wenn/Nikki Nelson/Jody Cortes

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