Beauty battle of pop’s princesses: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj

These gals and their outrageous hairstyles have defined a new normal for what it takes to be a pop princess. What’s normal anyways? Over-the-top accessories and outfits that make bathroom breaks impossible? Sure! It helped Katy, Nicki and Gaga score a stellar amount of VMA nominations for their pop music hits. Outside of watching their peculiar music videos over and over, we’re pondering their role as beauty queens and fashion fiends.

Pop princess Katy Perry and her colorful style

Katy Perry: A candied beauty queen

Ever since Katy belted out a tune about cherry chapstick in her first hit, she’s been all over magazine covers, tabloids and fashion recaps. She’s known for wearing outfits as crazy as bras made of Hershey Kisses as well as having a more toned down look of old, Hollywood glamour.

As for the blue hair? It was only necessary if she wanted to keep up with her pop queen contenders — Gaga and Nicki Minaj. She also has her own scent, named Purr, which she feels is reminiscent of her personal style. The perfume includes notes of citrus, peach nectar, forbidden apple and white amber. See Katy most outrageous stage moments >>

The crazy fashion of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga: A mistress of forbidden fashion

Lady Gaga wouldn’t be caught dead in your average jeans and tee and she has made it clear that her outrageous outfits aren’t a character or a facade. She has been quoted saying that everything we see is everything she is. “Fashion is my freedom,” she has said. That’s right, the bodysuits and mile-high heels that would probably land most in a hospital bed have set her free.

You’ll never see this pop icon dressed the same way twice. In fact, we think she’d rather make a public appearance in her birthday suit than repeat a fashion ensemble. Some of her most memorable hairstyles start with the hair bow that was perched on top of her head and end with the blue hue we’ve see the Lady in lately. All in all, the world has learned to never underestimate what Lady Gaga will wear.

Nicki Minaj's colorful hair and pop princess beauty

Nicki Minaj: A rapping fashionista

Her neon wigs and latex gear might seem like a fashion faux pas, but something about her bold style statements have kept her in the spotlight and long enough for fans to fall for her edgy fashionista ways. Plus, as the the queen of hip hop, something tells us that she’s calling the shots.

As outlandish as she is, not many others would dare pair bright pink lipstick with green hair. Nicki Minaj puts accessories to the test and isn’t afraid of mixing colors and eccentric patterns. What do we love most about Nicki? She isn’t afraid to accentuate her assets.

Who wins the battle of the pop princesses? Leave a comment below.

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