Back to School Makeup 101: Eyes

It’s back to school time and the emails are pouring in with requests for tips and tricks for girls just starting out in the makeup department. In today’s post, we’ll talk about eyes.

Teen girl applying mascara

Moms, this is the scary one. And this is where you’re going to have to pick your battles. When will there be a better time to wear glitter eyeliner and try out crazy colors than now? This is the time for your daughters to experiment and play. And hey, it’s not a tattoo! It washes off!


Ladies, let’s start with a basic eye. If you just want to dress it up, try a nude color (that you’ll match to your own skin tone) under the brow and on the lid. In the crease, go one shade darker. For your liner, go just one shade darker than that. Here’s the deal. Things that are light look like they’re coming forward. Darker things recede. You want your brow bone to stick out, your crease to go in and your lid to come forward. It makes the eyes look bigger. A more advanced technique says to make the crease color darker towards the nose if you want your eyes to look closer together and darker on the outside to make them look farther apart. Experiment with colors and techniques. Play. That’s why we have soap. One more tip: If you do use the glitter eyeliner that your mom hates so much, don’t try to wash it off with soap. Stick to the top lid and take it off with makeup remover…gently. This stuff will scratch your corneas if you’re not careful. I don’t mean to gross you out, but I had a piece removed from the inside of my eye. Not pleasant. Be careful.


A word about liner. Your mom is going to hate how much you use, and yes, there really is a reason for that. An overly-lined eye looks trashy. I don’t mean slutty here. It looks like you never learned to put on makeup. Stick to the top and keep it darker on the outside. If you want to experiment with colors, do it. Plum looks great on green eyes, navy makes blue eyes look green and brown makes them stand out. Hazel eyes look great in charcoal. Brown eyed girls can wear pretty much whatever they want! (Though, take a tip from Julia Roberts and bring them out with dark gray.) If you want to do a cat eye, close your eye and line straight out towards your ear. Try to sweep it up and you’ll have uneven eyes that will drive you batty.


Finally, lashes. The best technique I’ve ever found was to place the wand at the base your lashes and shimmy it up to the tip. Curling works great, but do it before you put on the mascara…unless you just have far too many lashes and you don’t mind yanking a bunch out. Yeah, right. Finally, a word about waterproof mascara. It’s a pain in the butt to take off. The only thing that breaks it down is oil, so you’ll need a different remover.

Have fun ladies!

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