Get Jennifer Hudson's fresh-faced look

Jul 20, 2011 at 7:16 p.m. ET

We love getting the inside scoop on how stars get gorgeous, so we turned to celebrity makeup artist, Tia Dantzler. For the past few months, Tia has been traveling with Jennifer Hudson as her go-to makeup guru. She took some time out of her busy, beauty-filled schedule to share some of her secrets with SheKnows about how she gets Hudson looking so good, along with some upcoming makeup trends to look forward to.

Jennifer Hudson beauty tips

Q & A with celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler, Jennifer Hudson's current go-to beauty expert:

Johnson Cocoa ButterJennifer Hudson's look

SheKnows: Jennifer Hudson always looks radiant. What are some ways the average person can achieve her glowing, minimal-makeup look?

Tia: My advice is to first develop a daily skincare regimen for your skin type so you can start off with a smooth canvas. The perfect skin starts with the perfect foundation match and application. Try applying your foundation with a foundation brush for an even look. One way I keep Jennifer Hudson red carpet ready is by using Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil to get the perfect glow on the skin.

SheKnows: We love Jennifer's dramatic, striking eye makeup -- what are the steps in recreating a similar look?

Tia: There are variations of the smokey eye, and in my opinion, every woman can vamp up her look with a little smoke. Achieving a well-defined smokey eye takes practice for perfection. Try starting on your eyes first so you can clean up any extra eyeshadow before you proceed with concealer and foundation application.


SheKnows: What are some of the current makeup trends you're seeing among celebrities?

Crimson lipstickTia: This season it's all about the bold lip in shades of oranges, pinks and purples. And we can't forget the beautiful glowing sun-kissed skin.

SheKnows: What beauty trends can we expect to see as we head into fall?

Tia: Fast forward to fall and some of the looks we'll be seeing will be inspired from the '60s and '70s, including dramatic cat-eyes and daring lips in hues of burgundy, crimson and red. The bold lip can also be the perfect accessory to a minimal look. Brows will be perfectly defined and groomed for a strong look, and the face will be flawless with highlighted skin.

SheKnows: What red carpet trends are you predicting for awards season this year?

Tia: I believe this awards season the makeup looks will be more daring and creative. I look forward to seeing lots of flawless faces with bold matte lips.

Beauty tips

SheKnows: What are the most important makeup items that everyone should have in their beauty arsenal to look red carpet ready?

Blot PowderTia: Some of the must-have products include blot powder for quick touch-ups, which provides shine control without adding any extra color or texture, and lip gloss for the perfect pout.

SheKnows: You've said that you love helping people realize the beauty that they already possess. What are some ways you go about doing that?

Tia: I absolutely love what I do! It warms my heart to help women feel beautiful by enhancing their features to really make their face pop and to help them see themselves in a different light.

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