Beauty Finds: Nuxe Paris Dry Oil Golden Shimmer

Jul 19, 2011 at 5:10 p.m. ET

Forget the hose or no hose debate. We've found you a product in this week's Beauty Finds that will give your summer legs a bit of help without the hot, itchy fabric. It's called Nuxe Paris Dry Oil Golden Shimmer.

Nuxe Paris Dry Oil Golden Shimmer

Nuxe Paris Dry Oil Golden Shimmer

Recently there was a debate on CBS gab fest The Talk about whether or not to wear hose. Now, I don't know about you, but I can't stand the things. Itchy, sweaty...they've gone out of style for a reason. But when you've got on something that bares your legs, a little help is always appreciated.

Nuxe Paris is known for their fantastic dry oils and their Golden Shimmer version is a must-have for summer. Give it a shake, spritz it on and blend it in. This amazing oil which smells like cookies is 98.8% natural, contains vitamin E and precious oils and absorbs almost instantly. That is a really big deal if you're wearing a filmy sundress. No one wants to see oil marks on their clothes.

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The shimmer is stunning and it makes your legs glow. Another great use? We all know swimming in chlorine or salt water can make your hair look a bit like a horse's snack food. Not only will this oil protect your hair (run it through wet hair and braid before the beach to keep harmful substances away) but it will give it a gorgeous glow. Aw, you golden goddess, you!

Nuxe Paris Dry Oil Golden Shimmer is available from and retails for $40.

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