9 Solutions to summer skin dilemmas

With the hot weather upon us, skin issues seem to creep up as well. The good news is we’re all in it together. The even better news is there are easy beauty solutions to these tough summer skin dilemmas. From tan lines to back acne, here are some simple fixes for summer’s beauty busters.

Woman with green hair from swimming

How to turn summer skin problems into solutions

Problem #1: Tan lines

Solution: Between uneven self-tanner application to spending time outdoors without enough sunscreen, these lines can show up at any time. When you first notice your funky tan lines showing up, start by exfoliating your skin with a scrub brush or a loofah. Follow by filling in the lines with a tinted self-tanner so you can see exactly where you are applying it. For the most precise application, use a cotton swab for small areas or a narrow paint brush. You can also try filling in the lines with makeup — however you run the risk of the color smudging onto your clothes.

Problem #2: Green hair

Solution: I know many women try really hard not to get their hair wet when going into a pool. However, this is almost an impossible task and the chlorine from the pool can oxidize hair color — especially on blondes. If you notice a green tint, mix a teaspoon of baking soda into a clarifying shampoo or a shampoo specifically designed to remove chlorine. Follow with a purple based shampoo such as Clairol Shimmer Lights. The deep purple tint helps deposit micro-amounts of color to off-set the green or brassy tones. Finally, next time you swim in a pool, prep your hair first by wetting it, applying a conditioner with UV protection and slicking locks back into a bun. Once you get out of the pool, immediately rinse your hair. You can also apply a clear gloss formula to further protect your color from the elements that cause your locks to go green.

Problem #3: Acne in unusual places

Solution: We are used to the occasional pimple on our face… but on our backside? Sweating and humidity can cause acne in unusual places. Start by washing the area with a cleanser or body wash that contains salicylic acid. To reach your back, use a long paddle brush or loofah with a handle so you can hit every spot. Follow with an acne spot treatment that contains benzoyl peroxide. For a natural treatment, you can try tea tree oil, which can help kill the bacteria that causes acne. Finally, remember to drink plenty of water to continually flush toxins from your body and wear loose clothing so you don’t aggravate the acne.

Problem #4: Bug bites

Solution: Bug bites are a natural part of summer and can wreak havoc on our bodies and our beauty, especially if they itch and develop redness. To prevent bug bites, try using a repellent that contains lemon oil as a natural daily solution. If you do get bitten, ice the bite to calm it down and follow with an anti-itch cream. If the bites are on your face, try hard not to scratch them — they might get irritated and look like bad acne. Instead, gently release any pus and pat down. Finally, if they do scar, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to the area so your skin does not discolor.

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