Jessica Simpson just can't quit her big green sweater

May 10, 2011 at 10:45 a.m. ET

Jessica Simpson went out and about wearing a huge green sweater. Not a big deal, except it looks like she's only wearing the sweater! We did some investigating and it turns out she just loves wearing that wardrobe staple.

Jessica Simpsonjust can't catch a break: First she's lambasted for her weight, then John Mayer called her out for being "sexual napalm" and now people are commenting on her recent wardrobe choices.

Jessica Simpson green sweater dress

Simpson went out in her green Theory's cozy Juliette sweater and nothing else. Well, she's apparently wearing denim shorts underneath, but they're nowhere to be found in the photo. She matches the sweater with some blue platforms to complete the look.

The singer and fashion mogul has rocked the sweater since 2005, as illustrated by this photo.

Jessica Simpson green Cozy sweater

"That sweater has been through a lot," Simpson recently told People. "It's my magic sweater!"

Here's Simpson wearing the green sweater at the airport along with her late pooch, Daisy (RIP!)

Jessica Simpson green sweater with daisy dog

The sweater goes great with jeans, too.

Jessica Simpson green sweater with jeans

It's not like Simpson is hard up for the cash: Her line of shoes, handbags and clothes is poised to break the billion-dollar mark.




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