Want to smell like the Jersey Shore?

You irrationally fight and have emotional breakdowns daily. Your hair is poofed and spiky. The GTL is finito and it’s almost T-Shirt time. Yup, you’re about as Jersey Shore as they come. And now you can smell like your favorite fist pumping Guidos and Guidettes. Keep reading for more!

Fist pumping fragrance to hit stores

Jersey shore cast inspires new fragrance line

Ever wondered just what the cast of The Jersey Shore smells like? We always thought it had to be a mix of tanning oil and regret; but now you can find out for yourself with a new collection of Jersey Shore-inspired lightly fragranced body sprays, Tattooed by INKY.

Jersey Shore fragrances

According to a press release, these scents are:

Inspired by the cult of self-expressive body art and spun into a modern collection that celebrates individuality and personal style, these body sprays –- unique in color and airbrushed design — are fit for any aspiring fist-pumper or resident Jersey Princess.

Choose from five scents, one for every mood of the workweek.


Jersey shore ladies

There’s MONKEY BUSINESS, for the smart, funny, no-nonsense guy with a lovable bad boy streak, with its bold blend of leather, lavender, pepper and sandalwood. Or maybe you’re feeling DRAKO, perfect for the strong, enigmatic and fiery guy with an elemental blend of spices, musk and precious woods.

Not to leave out the ladies, try A MI AMOR and vividly capture feelings of passion and romance with a complex blend of white florals, vanilla and amber. Own the dance floor with SUDDEN FREEDOM — for the confident, vibrant and independent woman, complete with a fresh and feminine bouquet of aquatic florals, pink jasmine and warm rosewood. Finally, for both lads and ladies, they offer KOI – for the easy going, colorful personality and affectionate nature, it has a blend of radiant citrus, ginger and the warmth of patchouli.

All that for just $5.99 each — sold exclusively at Target stores. They better stock up before they head to Italy for season four!

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