Katy Perry's intergalactic look

Mar 28, 2011 at 6:46 p.m. ET

It must be so tough for pop stars to stand out in a world where Lady Gaga's Grammy Egg-moblie, Nikki Minaj's Frankenstein hair and Rhianna's... well everything, steal the spotlight at every turn. Not that Katy Perry isn't a showstopper already, but the pop star just posted some pictures that are positively out of this world.

Greetings earthlings, we come in pink

Katy Perry's alien makeup look

Ever the risk taker, with her LED glow-in-the-dark Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute gala dress, crazy lace nails and constantly multi-colored hair styles (we prefer it blue), Katy Perry is now going where no pop star has gone before with her new extra terrestrial look.

The singer posted pictures to her Facebook page Wednesday to flaunt her wild makeup she's wearing in the video for her latest single, "E.T."

The song features Kanye West, who's no stranger to spaceships (he wrote a song about one), and boasts lyrics like, "Boy you're an alien," and "Lead me into the light."

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We have to admit, Perry is one sexy alien with her neon pink glowing skin, cobalt blue lips, crazy face tattoos and intense turquoise contacts. And that hair! It's medusa-meets-Bride-of-Frankenstein. (Sorry Nikki, this looks way better.)

Want to steal this look? Mrs. Russell Brand actually posted a link to a YouTube page so all her little aliens-in-training can learn to imitate the look. I smell this year's Halloween fad!

Her "E.T." video premieres Thursday, March 31. From the looks of it, its sure to be out of this world.

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